Facts & Figures



have been donated to MitOst’s Ukraine Solidarity Fund in 2022.

through individual donations
2.236 individuals have donated to the MitOst Ukraine Solidarity Fund
from foundations
7 foundations have contributed to the MitOst Ukraine Solidarity Fund

Robert Bosch Stiftung, European Cultural Foundation, Stiftung Mercator, Körber-Stiftung, Gerda Henkel Stiftung, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt & SAP Solidarity Fund e.V.



have been spent for humanitarian and medical aid, for direct support of activities, carried out by our long-term trusted partners in Ukraine and neighbouring countries such as evacuation of people and art objects.

We have bought and transported: emergency medical kits, protective gear, dry food, evacuation equipment and electronic devices such as solar power banks, walkie-talkies and laptops.

None of the donations mentioned above are used to cover the MitOst organizational costs. 100% of donations are going directly to our local partners and the needs of people on-site.

The figures on this page were last updated on December 07, 2023 at 15:47h.

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