Citizenship in Action

MitOst connects active citizens in an open and diverse network
in Europe and its neighbouring regions.

What we do

MitOst enables activities and programmes which foster cultural exchange, active citizenship, social cohesion and sustainable urban and rural development – beyond cultural, sectoral or linguistic borders.

As part of a growing European network, we support citizens in participating actively in their societies and in acting according to democratic principles. We offer various tailor-made qualifications, motivating and empowering the participants. We also connect and support civil society actors who strengthen cohesion and agency in Europe and beyond, and encourage cross-sectoral cooperation in order to promote social innovation and sustainable urban and rural development.

We offer financial and professional support to our members and the alumni of international foundation programmes, helping them to bring their project ideas to life – such as exhibitions, campaigns in public spaces, performances, workshops, meetings and trainings. Members actively shape MitOst’s strategic development.


Through our programmes and projects, MitOst promotes collaboration, knowledge and skills exchange beyond borders. These are our main programmes. MitOst is also a partner to a number of other international projects.

Clicking on the logos will lead you to the external website of the respective programme.

Actors of Urban Change

empowering urban changemakers to work collaboratively in innovative ways for more sustainable, inclusive and just cities.

All Around Culture

fostering a vital cultural ecosystem for the social and economic inclusion of young people in the Arab region.


a cultural collaboration programme that strengthens civil society in Europe and neighbouring regions.

horizontal school

Designing learning spaces for open-minded and curious individuals to navigate in a (too) complex world


an international network of practitioners unlocking the potential of local communities in 24 countries.

Civic Europe

strengthening civic cohesion and active citizenship in local communities in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

Civil Society Exchange

supporting civil society organisations and civil initiatives in Turkey and Europe through cross-border cooperation.

Our Voices

connecting and supporting podcasters within the WANA (North Africa and West Asia) region and Germany.

Tools for Citizens

a toolbox for collective action and organisational development.


building common ground for spaces of public discussion and dialogue.

i-Portunus Houses

supporting local hosts from Creative Europe countries in providing mobility and working environments for creatives.

We believe that everyone has the right and the potential to act as a responsible citizen and to advocate for their interests and those of their community.


Since 2003, the MitOst Festival has been changing location each year, developing from an extended members’ assembly to a festival of civil society actors in Europe and neighbouring regions where the MitOst network manifests. 

Co-creation is the core of the Festival. It becomes meaningful as participants bring in and attend sessions, engage with and contribute to its contents. 

Check the festival web page for news around the upcoming festival:

17th International MitOst Festival in Budapest, 2019. Photo: Ruslan Altimirov


Since MitOst’s founding in 1996, members have contributed in many ways to realise the association’s mission with dedication. MitOst members create collaborative projects for local and cross-border impact and shape MitOst’s strategic development.

As of 2021, MitOst has nearly 1,500 members in 49 countries.

Would you like to know more about our membership? Send us a message:

Photo: Olga Zarko
horizontal school weekend training. Photo: Agata Maziarz.


During the Year of Community, members are co-creating community membership in MitOst’s network organisation. This will fundamentally change MitOst’s membership model.

The Co-Creation Space is one regular format to deepen the experience as a community by being in conversation and co-creating joint initiatives. It’s open to everyone interested.

Join our international, independent and dynamic network of engaged people!

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