Inside Out

Inside Out – Project Management as a Stepping Stone for Personal Development. The book explores the potential for deeper level learning in project work. It offers concrete insights and tools for trainers and coaches aiming to add personal reflection and growth to professional development and gives guidance for the design of meaningful and effective development programmes.

The chapters are structured around nine classic Project Management challenges such as facilitating collaborative creativity, planning & improvisation in uncertain environments or negotiating resources and responsibilities. The book is based on the authors’ longstanding collaboration in the Lectureship Programme of the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Authors: Gudrun Zipper, Andreas Knoth

MitOst Editions 2021

Download the German version (PDF)

Initiative Cookbook

Initiative Cookbook – Homemade Civic Engagement. An inspiring introduction into project management. The cookbook supports those, who want to shape their society through common civil initiative, awarded with the Lifelong Learning Award.

It covers a broad range of aspects: ideation, planning, teamwork, target group, public relations, fundraising, finance management.

Ed.: Heike Fahrun, Nils-Eyk Zimmermann, Eliza Skowron
MitOst Editions 2015

Download the English version [PDF]

Reclaim, Recode, Reinvent

Urban Art and Activism in Eastern Europe

The book focuses on artistic practices in the urban public spaces of Eastern Europe, particularly in the so-called post-Soviet bloc. Public spaces are seen as indicators of society’s democratization, as well as places where the interests of business, government and grassroots initiatives intersect, often in tension with one another.

This collection contains illustrations inspirations and descriptions of urban art projects that were presented in 2017 in exhibitions, conferences and laboratories of the Coordinate System platform. The book is giving a colorful insight in public artistic practices in post-Soviet urban environments.

Edited by Igor Ponosov and Alexandra Goloborodko in collaboration with Hannah Cornell, Aleksandra Yurieva-Civjane, Alexander Formozov.

MitOst editions 2017

12,00 €


Environment and Civil Involvement

How Can We Connect Education for Sustainable Development and Active Citizenship?

A handbook for facilitators in the field of Education for Sustainable Development. A joint publication of MitOst and the programme partners of EcoLab Armenia.

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Diversity Dynamics: Activating the Potential of Diversity in Trainings

The handbook empowers facilitators to develop diversity in their work with groups in every field of non-formal education. We think, that diversity is becoming a more and more relevant topic- not only in youth education.

Ed.: Heike Fahrun, Nils-Eyk Zimmermann, Eliza Skowron

Contributors: Maria Prahl, Elke Heublein, Teona Dalakishvili, Marta Gawinek-Dagargulia, Farriba Schulz, Susanne Kitlinski, Elzbieta Kosek, Maia Melikidze, and Michael Teffel.

Download the English version [PDF]
Download the Ukrainian version [PDF]

Citizens Lab: Mapping New Forms of Civic Engagement in Europe

What is going on with ‘Project Europe’? People from very diff erent walks of life, politically engaged or otherwise, are questioning its legitimacy in the face of multiple crises. Yet, there is also a flourishing of action on the part of citizens that are re-aff irming their comm itment to an aspirational idea of Europe as the practice of a comm unity of values. In this volume civic activists from nine countries explore latest trends in citizen pa rticipa tion as well as the ideas and movements that have inspired them to act.

Download the English version [PDF]

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