Support for especially vulnerable groups

As we continue our efforts to help people in need in Ukraine as well as those fleeing the country, we at MitOst would also like to acknowledge and call out many discourses propagated by Western media outlets that have been using racist and white supremacist language when describing the war and Ukrainian refugees. Several reports have opposed them to other places like Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan — described as places where people are used to such violence, implying they are somehow less worthy of protection!

We are also appalled by the way certain people fleeing the country, such as African students but also other non-Ukrainians who are not white, have been treated at borders, being refused entry to safety.

As a community rooted in solidarity, we condemn such hierarchization of humanity as well as violence against any community.

We are doing our best to promote the protection of vulnerable communities and minorities with our assistance, including offers of LGBTIQ+ friendly accommodation, accommodation for people with disabilities, and specialized psychosocial counseling for ukrainian- and russian-speaking queer people. In the aftermath of the war, we will also continue to support intersectional efforts for all refugees in the communities we are connected to.

We invite you all to join our efforts to support ALL of the people being affected by the war in Ukraine and fighting for their lives, regardless of nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or physical ability.

If you belong to any especially vulnerable group and are trying to flee the country, or directly assisting vulnerable groups, please get in touch, so we can connect you to available resources and needs.

Our community is active in peace & reconciliation, refugee care and integration in many countries worldwide — and all people suffering from conflict equally deserve our care and attention. The time is now to act on Ukraine and prevent an even greater disaster — but let us not forget that violence, conflict-related migration, and imperialism are systemic issues to be countered everywhere.

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