Mission Statement

Our self-conception and identity

We are an international and independent dynamic Network of engaged people.

We support civil society as well as cultural and lingual diversity in Europe and it’s neighbouring countries on a voluntary level up to professional and full-time levels.

We aim to bring together people from across cultures, countries and communities and create space for vivid dialogue at eye level. We provide support, give advice and qualify individual organsiations, initiatives or people that share our goals.

We are mainly active in Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe.

MitOst inspires, affects and connects

MitOst promotes cultural exchange and active citizenship in Europe and its neighbouring regions. With more than 1.400 members in 45 different countries as well as with various partners we are part of a dynamic European network.

We organise international programmes and projects and serve as a platform for new forms of social engagement and projects. The annual International MitOst Festival brings our network together.

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