Are you looking for mental support?

Here you can find contacts for mental support – counselling by licensed therapists, psychologists, and volunteers in various countries.

While offering support in Ukrainian, Russian, German, Slovak, Bulgarian, Polish, English and Lithuanian. We also have contacts specialized in providing support for queer people.

EverywhereMental supportFree access to Ukraine based companies in order to support them emotionallyEnglish / LithuanianMindletic
EverywhereMental support500 mental health professionals offer pro bono therapy to people directly affected by the war in UkraineEnglish and many moreTherapy route
Germany, onlineCounseling, mental supportThe Center ÜBERLEBEN supports rehabilitation and integration of refugees and migrants. Our services include medical and therapeutic treatment and immediate psychosocial care for newly arrived traumatized refugees. The Center also provides basic psychological, social and legal counseling, qualification courses together with vocational preparation and training to refugees and migrants.German, EnglishZENTRUM ÜBERLEBEN
GermanyCounseling, mental supportSpecialized psychosocial counseling for ukrainian- and russian-speaking queer people. Sessions are available via e-mail, video conference, and phone.German/ English/ Ukranian/ RussianLesbenberatung/

GermanyCounseling, psychologistsConnecting people to Ukrainian and Russian speaking psychologistsGerman/ Ukrainian/RussianInitiative D21 e. V.Sandy Jahn,
PolandAll kinds of helpLegal advice, transport, accommodation, medical aid, psychological/mental support, animal aid, specific requestsPolish, English, Ukrainian
PolandAll kinds of helpCoordinating the actions in different places, also at the borderPolish, English, UkrainianHomo Faber
PolandMental supportList of institutions offering free mental supportPolish, Ukrainian, English (depending on the chosen organisation)Poland / online
LithuaniaVolunteertLithuanian / Russian / EnglishRed Cross
LithuaniaPsychological suportMany lithuanian therapists ready to supportLithuanian, Russian, Ukrainian, English (different people with different language profiles)self-organized, fb page*F
SlovakiaPsychological help, other supportSlovak
BulgariaPsychological supportPsychological supportUkrainian, Russian, English, BulgarianHour Space - a network of certified specialists in the field of mental health
RomaniaSocial and psychological counselingCall - Center for social and psychological counseling for Ukrainians who have already taken refuge in RomaniaASproAS Romaniaphone number: +40 745 139 747
RomaniaPsychological supportPsychological counseling for all people with a Ukrainian citizenship residing in Romania - both online and face to faceRomanian, Ukrainian, EnglishBabes-Bolyai University
Czech RepublicAll kinds of helpTransport, accommodation, administrative help, translation, material support, legal advice and moreCzechConsortium of MigrantsAssisting
Hungaryall kinds of supporthealth services, food, access to clean water, immunization, education, and the protection of children and their familiesHungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, EnglishUnicefPhone: +36 1 225 8818
Hungaryall kinds of supportaccomodation, food/supplies, medical careHungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, EnglishOltalom Charitable AssociationAddress: H-1086 Budapest, Dankó utca 9.; Mailing Address: H-1410 Budapest, Pf. 200; Phone/fax: +36-1-314-0668;,
Refugee Hostel, Budapest (Phone: +36-1-210-5400/201)
Homeless Shelter (Phone: +36-1-314-0668)
Medical Care (Phone: +36-1-210-5400/115, 116)
Children Welfare (Phone: +36-1-314-0668)
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