Are you looking for legal advice?

Find advice on legal issues connected to border crossings and obtaining refugee status, transit and accommodation consultations.

Find partners who can support you in Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Germany, Latvia, and Hungary.

PolandAll kinds of helpLegal advice, transport, accommodation, medical aid, psychological/mental support, animal aid, specific requestsPolish, English, Ukrainian
PolandMaterial support, translations, legal adviceLocal institution in Wroclaw coordinates support efforts. Reach out if you have the means and skills to help.Polish, EnglishWCRS,
PolandAll-kinds of supportGeneral support for people still in Ukraine and already in PolandPolish, UkrainianPolish government
PolandLegal advice on crossing the borderReach out if you need information about crossing the border with PolandPolish, English, UkrainianWroclawe-mail:, +48 71 77 24 950, +48 735 969 992, +48 538 579 555, +48 538 579 521
Viber: +48 735 969 992, +48 538 579 555
+ 48 510 011 846 / e-mail:
PolandCollects information about volunteers to help with legal advice / place to stay /Reach out if you can offer or need supportPolish, UkrainianUkrainski Dom
PolandLegal support, adviceAn organization from Kraków which aims at building coalitions and cooperation between organizations and activistsPolish, English, RussianSalam Lab/ Laboratory of Peace
PolandLegal assistance in Krakowcoordinating and helping with accomodation, legal issues and other concernsPolish, English, RussianCentrum Zarządzania Kryzysowego Miasta phone: 12 616 59 99, 12 616 9991
PolandInformation, legal assistanceMigrant Info Point in KrakowPolish, English, RussianMigrant Info PointFacebook page

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PolandAll kinds of helpAll kinds of help in GdanskPolish, English, RussianGdansk
PolandAll kinds of helpLinks to groups and other sourcesUkrainian, PolishPomoc Ukrainie
PolandSelf-organized support group for legal adviceGroup for Polish and Ukrainian citizens, focusing on legal advicePolish, Englishself-organizedFb group
PolandAll kinds of help, specific requestsGroup for Polish and Ukrainian citizens offering and requesting specific helpPolish, Englishself-organizedFb group
LatviaAll-kinds of helpCollection of various support for people coming to Latvia - legal, accommodation, transit.English, Russian, Latvian, UkrainianGribu palīdzēt bēgļiem
LatviaLegalInfo about coming to Latvia - entry, visa, etc.Latvian, RussianMinistry of Internal Affairs
HungaryLegal supportFree legal consultations, representation and legal protection for asylum seekers in BulgariaBulgarian, English (+Ukrainian translation)Bulgarian Helsinki Committee
Hungaryall kinds of supporthealth services, food, access to clean water, immunization, education, and the protection of children and their familiesHungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, EnglishUnicefPhone: +36 1 225 8818
Hungaryall kinds of supportaccomodation, food/supplies, medical careHungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, EnglishOltalom Charitable AssociationAddress: H-1086 Budapest, Dankó utca 9.; Mailing Address: H-1410 Budapest, Pf. 200; Phone/fax: +36-1-314-0668;,
Refugee Hostel, Budapest (Phone: +36-1-210-5400/201)
Homeless Shelter (Phone: +36-1-314-0668)
Medical Care (Phone: +36-1-210-5400/115, 116)
Children Welfare (Phone: +36-1-314-0668)
HungaryLegal supportFree legal consultations, representation and legal protection for asylum seekers in BulgariaBulgarian, English (+Ukrainian translation)Center for legal aid “Voice in Bulgaria”
SlovakiaUseful links for incomers in Kosice region
SlovakiaFAQ for Ukrainians entering Slovakia (ENG) 32995011215473359 (UA)
SlovakiaPsychological help, other supportList of institutions supporting in different requestsSlovak
SlovakiaAll kinds of supportFor those who need or offer support in SlovakiaSlovak
RomaniaInformation for refugeeslegal information, transportation, supportEnglish, Russian, Romanian
RomaniaAll kinds of supportAccommodation, transport, animal care, food and moreEnglishHere for Ukraine​​
GermanyAll kinds of supportInformation for refugees from Ukraine and volunteers: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We recommend using the German version of the website translated by Google Translate. The German version is the most updated one.German, EnglishState of Berlin
GermanyAll kinds of helpaccommodation, jobs, medical support, support from stateGerman, Ukrainian, RussianHandbook Germany
Germanylegal and fundraising advicemicrosupportprograms, Fundraising consultancy, legal advice, Information for support programs from county/municipality, network supportGermna, EnglishDeutsche Stiftung für Engagement und 03981 4569-600
Germanylegal advice, fundraisingcontacts to lawyers, fundrasinig consultancy, support programsEnglish, GermanDSEEKatarina Peranic
Czech RepublicAll kinds of helpTransport, accommodation, administrative help, translation, material support, legal advice and moreCzechConsortium of MigrantsAssisting
RomaniaInformation on seeking Asylum in RomaniaA platform with information for asylum seekers, their rights and information on RomaniaRomanian, English, UkrainianCode4Romania
RomaniaInformation on seeking asylum in RomaniaInformation on the asylum process, asylum centers and important call centersRomanian, English, UkrainianRefugees Welcome Romania
RomaniaInformation on seeking Asylum in RomaniaFAQs around asylum in RomaniaRomanian, English, UkrainianRomanian National Council for Refugees
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