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Find contacts to possible temporary accommodations in various countries. Also listed are accommodation services specifically for women and people with disabilities.

UkraineShelters/Contacts hosting abroadGrowing database of people, who have capacities to host refugees from UAUkrainian, EnglishShelter for Ukraine
UkraineAll kinds of supportTransport, Accomodation, Border crossing help, Assistance for Ukrainians arriving in Poland, Czechia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Estonia, Spain, Europe, Finland, France, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, SlovakiaUkrainian, German, Russian, EnglishUnited for Ukraine
GermanyAll kinds of helpaccommodation, jobs, medical support, support from stateGerman, Ukrainian, RussianHandbook Germany
GermanyAccomodation for womenCommunity Response to help people leaving the Ukraine who need assistance from a SisterEnglish / RussianSelf-organised FB groupFB group / Google Doc
GermanyAccommodationList of possible hostsEnglishSelf-organised website
GermanyAccommodationTelegram group about hosting in BerlinEnglish / RussianTelegram group
GermanyAccommodationRegister to offer your flat if you have spare oneEnglish / GermanWunderflats
GermanyDatabase for accommodationRegistration to provide temporary housing for war refugeesGerman
GermanyEmergency shelter for people coming from UkraineOranienburger Str. 28513437 BerlinInfo on website in GermanSenatsverwaltung Berlin
GermanyAll kinds of supportMedical aid, Transport, Accomodation, Translation, Information for refugees coming to DresdenUkrainian, German, Russian, EnglishDresden Stands With Ukraine
GermanyAll kinds of supportMedical aid, Transport, Accomodation, Translation, Information for refugees coming to Saxony/ GermanyUkrainian, German, Russian, EnglishSächsicher FlüchtlingsratLeipzig:,
Tel.: +49 341 24 915 152
Tel.: +49 341 24 915 153
Chemnitz:, Tel.: +49 371 90 31 33, Tel: +49 178 815 88 65
Tel.: +49 351 796 651 57
Tel.: +49 351 309 901 02
Tel.: +49 3771 259 335
Tel.: +49 176 458 06 184
GermanyAll kinds of supportInformation for refugees arriving in Germany, Humanitarian Aid, Accomodation facilitationUkrainian, German, Russian, EnglishGFPS Support group
GermanyAccomodation for people with disabilitiessupport, knowhow and assistence for people/refugees with disabilitiesGerman, EnglishStiftung DrachenseeStiftung Drachensee, Jan Wulf-Schnabel,
PolandAll kinds of supportAccomodation, food, asylum application – reach out to the closest reception office. You can find full list on the websitePolish, Ukrainian, Russian, EnglishGovernment of Poland
PolandAll kinds of helpLegal advice, transport, accommodation, medical aid, psychological/mental support, animal aid, specific requestsPolish, English, Ukrainian
PolandAccommodationdatabase of places such as hotel hostels, stay in places other places of accomodation in KrakowPolish, English, RussianWojewódzkie Centrum Zarządzania Kryzysowegotel. 12 392 11 15, 12 392 13 00, e-mail:
PolandAccommodationPolish and UkrainianPolish Government
PolandAccommodation, transport, material psychological help an othersInformation and links to groups and other sourcesUkrainian, PolishGrupa granicaLink
PolandGeneral support: accommodation, translationPolish, Ukrainian, Englishself-organizedFb group
PolandCollects information about volunteers to help with legal advice / place to stay /Reach out if you can offer or need supportPolish, UkrainianUkrainski Domhttps://ukrainskido
PolandAll kinds of helpcoordinating the actions in different places, also at the borderPolish, English, UkrainianLublin
PolandLegal assistance in Krakowcoordinating and helping with accomodation, legal issues and other concernsPolish, English, RussianCentrum Zarządzania Kryzysowego Miasta phone: 12 616 59 99, 12 616 9991
MoldovaAccommodationReach out if you can offer or need temporary accommodationEnglish, Russian,
+373-78 394 624
MoldovaAccomodationShelter for 20 familiesRomanian, EnglishPurcari WinesȘtefan Vodă +373 68353031
LithuaniaAccommodation, transportSign up if you can offer or need help in finding accommodation or transport from the borderatm - more than 10k ppl can have accomodation through them, +transport.English, Ukrainian, Russian, LithuanianStiprūs Kartu
SlovakiaAcommodationList of accommodation facilities – touristic centres, dormitories,asylum centres around Košicevillages and towns:Turistická ubytovňa, Nám. Slobody 12, Sobrance, phone number: 0903 634 751 Stredoškolský internát, J. Kráľa 25, Veľké Kapušany, phone number: 0905 449 034 Azylové centrum zriadené v telocvični SOŠ techniky a služieb, J. Kráľa 25, Veľké Kapušany, phone number: 0905 449 034 Turistická ubytovňa, Hlavná 232/14, Viničky, phone number: 0911 923 249 Turistická ubytovňa Limba, súčasť SOŠ techniky a služieb, Markušovská cesta 4, Spišská Nová Ves, phone number: 0905 627 150 Škola v prírode, Inovce 88, phone number: 0907 942 733 Bývalý školský internát pri SOŠ technickej, Kapušianska 6, Michalovce, phone number: 0910 957 147
HungaryGathered information websiteData base for those in need and volunteersHungarian
Hungaryaccommodation and transportationaccommodation and transportation, translation and administrative work supportHungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, EnglishMigration AidPhone: +36 30 592 8066 / /
Hungaryall kinds of supporthealth services, food, access to clean water, immunization, education, and the protection of children and their familiesHungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, EnglishUnicefPhone: +36 1 225 8818
Hungaryall kinds of supportaccomodation, food/supplies, medical careHungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, EnglishOltalom Charitable AssociationAddress: H-1086 Budapest, Dankó utca 9.; Mailing Address: H-1410 Budapest, Pf. 200; Phone/fax: +36-1-314-0668;,
Refugee Hostel, Budapest (Phone: +36-1-210-5400/201)
Homeless Shelter (Phone: +36-1-314-0668)
Medical Care (Phone: +36-1-210-5400/115, 116)
Children Welfare (Phone: +36-1-314-0668)
BulgariaEvacuation, relocation, accomodationBulgarian evacuation, relocation, and accommodation efforts for Ukrainians who wish to leave Ukraine for Bulgaria, or who have found themselves in Bulgaria and would like to stay.EnglishA group of Bulgaria-based entrepreneurs, tech community members, and friends of Ukraine.
PortugalPortugal For Ukraine PortalA Taskforce is working to create a platform aiming to help Ukrainian families fleeing the Warzone, giving, in one place, every information and links to setup lives in Portugal as soon as possible.​English, PortuguesePortuguese Government

+351 218 106 191
+351 808 257 257
(Migrant Support Line)
PortugalHumanitarian aid, accommodationUkrainianEnglishPortuguesePortugueseUcrânia SOS
RomaniaAll kinds of supportAccommodation, transport, animal care, food and moreEnglishHere for Ukraine​​
RomaniaAccomodationAccomodation in a hotel in Suceava and a free meal at the Spartan restaurant with a Ukrainian ID cardRomanian, English(?)Ștefan Mandachi
RomaniaAccomodation for families with small childrenShelter and meals for 20 - 50 peopleRomanian, English and RussianAlexandru Filip - Casa Filip din /
RomaniaAccomodation2 free rooms with breakfast in FalticeniRomanian, EnglishAngel Sofia HotelPhone: +4 0725 507 000
RomaniaAccomodationAccomodation for several families in Neamț CountyRomanian, EnglishOrange
RomaniaAccomodationAccomodation for 20-30 people coming from UkraineRomanian, EnglishTasuleasa /
Romania & AustriaAccomodationAccomodation, Food and Hygineproducts for families with children in Chisinau, Iasi, Bukarest, Vienna, BroneRomanian, German, English, Ukrainian, RussianMagicHOME / Telephone number: 724003696
RomaniaAccomodationUniversity of Bucharest: 40 rooms available for refugees and colleagues from Ukr (students/professors) who need temporary or long-term accommodation in Bucharest, transport from the border to Bucharest, translating documents, who want to continue their studies in BucharestRomanian, Englishm Ukrainian, FrenchUniversity of
RomaniaAccomodationSpaces for 50 students and professors feeling from Ukraine, accomodation, groceries, psychological couseling, medical servicesRomanian, Ukrainian, EnglishAlexander Ioan Cuza / Telephone number: +40748199120
RomaniaAccomodationFree shelter for refugees in SuceavaRomanian, English, UkrainianFight for FreedomAsociația FIGHT FOR FREEDOM
loc. Verești, nr. 320, jud. Suceava, România
e-mail: /
tel. 0771 643 824
Czech RepublicAll kinds of helpTransport, accommodation, administrative help, translation, material support, legal advice and moreCzechConsortium of MigrantsAssisting
Czech RepublicAccommodationRefugees Welcome is part of a Europe-wide initiative providing long-term housing for refugees. If you are able to offer housing in any way shape or form, please contact us.CzechUprchlíci vítejte
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