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The Russian full-scale invasion and occupation of Ukraine is going into the second winter. Since February 2022, one-third of Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes, and around 5 million are currently displaced within the country, while some 6,3 million are displaced as refugees abroad. It is currently one of the largest human displacement crises in the world (source: UNHCR, 2 October 2023).

MitOst members Insha Osvita, Commit and zusa have been actively coordinating and contributing to the response. #StandWithUkraine was our first joint donation campaign dedicated to humanitarian aid and immediate relief in Ukraine.

We collected 1.421.737€. Afterwards, the tailor-made programmes and subgrants evolved to support displaced Ukrainians, which amounted to 3.5 million €. We are very thankful for the contributions of partners, friends and funders. Our response continues with supporting the urgent needs of Ukrainian civil society actors and cultural workers.

Now, we call on you again.

Currently, Insha Osvita, Commit and zusa run two programs to address the urgent needs of Ukrainian cultural and civil society actors: Vidnova and Culture Helps.

Culture Helps

Culture Helps provides grant support to cultural managers and organisations that help displaced people integrate into new communities through culture. There are 3 types of support available: mental health grants for individuals (up to € 1000), project support for organisations (up to € 5000) and project support for international collaborations (up to € 40 000). Until spring 2025, around € 1.4 million will be disbursed under this program. Unfortunately, we can only support less than 20% of qualified applications due to the high need.



Vidnova is dedicated to supporting Ukrainian civil society, and it has two program lines: Vidnova Fellowship and Vidnova Lab. Vidnova Fellowship is an individually designed support program for displaced civil society actors from Ukraine, enabling them to continue their work and collaborate with other partner organizations. Vidnova Lab is a networking program for actors of Ukrainian civil society that focuses on ecosystem mapping and prototyping solutions dedicated to the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine.


You can support these activities:

For Culture Helps (target € 200 000)

  • Mental health grants for individuals
  • Project support for organisations
  • Project support for international collaborations

For Vidnova (open target)

  • Vidnova Fellowship Ukraine for returnees
  • Vidnova Lab for Ukrainian civil society actors who are contributing to solutions dedicated to the recovery of Ukraine
  • Supporting the societal integration of people who were forced to leave Ukraine and are based now in Germany


Do you have any questions or need more information? Please contact us.

Facts & Figures

Are you interested in how much we have fundraised in our previous campaign #StandWithUkraine? Please see the Facts & Figures section for more details.

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About us

MitOst coordinates the collaborative efforts of civil society organisations that are directly supporting on-the-ground efforts to secure people, provide protection, facilitate evacuations, and connect to temporary accommodation. Our role involves bridging communications, directing financial support, needs assessments and connecting networks and offers of support.

We cooperate with partners in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Moldova, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia, who are actively working to welcome refugees from Ukraine by supplying the necessary assistance.

Who we are

MitOst e.V. is a Berlin-based non-profit association fostering cultural exchange, active citizenship, social cohesion and sustainable urban and rural development – beyond cultural, sectoral or linguistic borders.

We have more than 1500 members in 40 countries, many of whom are based in Germany, Russia and Ukraine. Our 35 staff work from Berlin with local and regional partner organisations throughout Europe, North Africa and West-, Central and East Asia to implement various programmes and projects.

These activities are financed by private foundations (e.g. Bosch Foundation, European Cultural Foundation, Stiftung Mercator) and governmental bodies (e.g. European Commission, German Federal Foreign Office). Our annual budget is ca. 5 Million Euro.

What we are doing in Ukraine

MitOst has been active in Ukraine for over two decades and is part of a strong, decentralised network of independent initiatives, dedicated professionals and cross-sectoral stakeholders working in the fields of democratic and human rights, arts and culture, (non-formal) education, media etc.

Currently, there are over 80 organisations and 400 individuals active throughout this network. They include politicians, civil servants, activists, artists, educators, facilitators, journalists and business people.

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