Workshop at MitOst: #DigitalStoriesBerlin

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Do you have a story to tell? Digital Storytelling for organisations and initiatives. 13. June 2019 in Berlin.

Do you have a story to tell? Join our Digital Storytelling Workshop.

How to write a short (life) story which will describe fragments of spatialized memory of your everyday life? Can it be connected to your work environment? If you believe that you are more creating than performing work – than your story can be a source of inspiration to others and also a presentation model for your organisation in digital times. Learn how to tell a story and connect with others is actually just one of the virtuosity you learn in the process of digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling can be a powerful tool for organisations, initiatives, activists and individuals. Digital stories are a modern way of telling stories by mixing digital graphics, text, recorded audio narration, video and music in order to share a point of view on a specific topic. It is definitely art, art of telling stories in which we can be creative using our organisational and personal experiences of everyday life, by using our everyday and really handy equipment, such as mobile phones and digital cameras. Be part of innovative education and get 21st century skills in creative making of digital stories.

Bring your stories to the workshop and learn
• How do Stories work? What is their usual structure? How to write a story?
• Theory about visual language and photography.
• Essentials about copyright.
√Sharpen your research skills: Document your stories, find and analyse relevant information.
√Writing skills: Formulate a point of view and develop a script.
√Technology skills: Learn to use a variety of tools.
√Presentation skills: Decide how to best present your stories.
√Interview Skills: Find sources to interview and determine questions to ask.

We suggest you bring your laptop and mobile device in order to scribble ideas, formulate your story, find visual and audio material online.

Whom is this workshop for?
This is an offer for all of you, who are interested and working in the field of communications. And who would like to use Digital Storytelling as a tool to develop and share stories of your activities, organisation or initiative. The workshop will be about your stories. The programme will be co-shaped according to your needs as we know pre-knowledge and experience in this field varies. The group will be small.

The workshop is free of charge.

Register yourself and write an E-Mail to Laura Werling werling(at)mitost.org. Please let us know if you cancel beforehand.

Address and Date
13. June 2019, 10.00 to 15.00h
MitOst e.V., Herzbergstraße 82-84, 10365 Berlin

The workshop will be hosted by MitOst e.V. and will be held by Tina Bikic from Mediagrammi e.V..

Tina Bikic is a digital storyteller and innovative educator based in Berlin, Germany. At the moment she is developing her project #DigitalStoriesBerlin in Mediagrammi e.V., financed through Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 1 (Learning mobility of individuals). The project focusses mainly on innovative education for young adults, organising digital storytelling workshops in schools, non-profit organisations or cultural institutions. Tina is also developing her mini project which is an art experiment/daybook with collection of multimedia personal narrative stories. Stories are focused on the experience of diversity and research of poetics of spaces in Berlin and will be presented by the end of October 2019. She gained work experience working as cultural manager and innovative educator in cultural non-profit organisation Matica hrvatska (Matrix Croatica) in Croatia.

Mediagrammi e.V. is a German not-for-profit organisation based in Berlin. Mediagrammi was born in 2014 with the aim of spreading up the audio-visual cultures and to build a point of interest for the most various artistic expressions. It aims to be a reference point for artists, curators, critics, journalists and media professionals, working in Germany and all around Europe in the field of electronic culture and the digital arts. Though educational projects, it offers the possibility to work, grow and share experience and knowledge through the creation of a creative network. The goal is supporting and sharing arts and culture, in particular in their cross-media and cross-cultural aspects.