WECHANGE: Journalism Workshops in Berlin and Sloviansk (the Donbas): APPLY NOW

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WECHANGE is a cooperative of visionaries, developers and volunteers with one goal: social transformation towards the more aware, sustainable and ecological world. We have years of experience in organizing workshop on the topic of Cybersecurity and digitization. That's, actually, one of the main reasons why we are writing you.

Together with taz Panter Stiftung an our Ukrainian partner Insha Osvita we are organizing two workshops for journalists with the focus on Cybersecurity and fact-checking.

One of it takes place in Berlin, Germany, between 18th and 22nd of November, 2019. The topic is: "Upgrade of digital investigation, security and handling fake news - an international exchange" for journalists from Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. Deadline to apply is on the 13th of October.

Second will be in Sloviansk, Ukraine between the 4th and 7th of December. The topic is: "Journalism in Crisis and Conflict - an international exchange" for journalists from Germany and Ukraine. Deadline to apply is on the 15th of October.

We are inviting you to apply for those workshops and take an opportunity to learn from experts, grow your knowledge about digital security and network. In case you know someone who may be interested in our workshop, please share this information with them or let us know, so we can get in touch with those individuals. In the attachment you will find more information about the conditions and terms.

All costs are covered by German Federal Foreign Office.

Thank you in advance and looking forward reading from you!

Best wishes, your WECHANGE team