TRUE LIES. a tools & skills workshop for bloggers

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SHIFT. SHAPE. MOBILIZE. a network for online activism
July 31 - August 7, 2016 | Odessa (Ukraine)
Deadline for receiving applications is: May 22, 2016.

Are you an active blogger, or an online activist who wants to shift mindsets, shape socialchange, mobilize people? Are you interested in gaining new skills for storytelling with visuals,text or data? This call might be just for you!Shift. Shape. Mobilize. is a network for bloggers and online activists from Europe. In 2016 the
workshop is throwing light on TRUE LIES.

About the project
The German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) together with sourcefabric and n-ost, welcome you to take part in a 6-day workshop in Odessa, Ukraine, from July 31 - August 7, 2016. All over Europe societies are becoming polarized. People seeking clear answers face masses of information that may or may not be reliable. Where does truth end and populism or propaganda begin? Is it a lie to leave out details or rip a quote out of its context? In times of systematic misinformation these are more than philosophical questions. It is nothing new to notice that a single statistical dataset can be used for contrary interpretations and arguments. But propaganda, which was easier to disregard when it came only via state media, now attacks from all angles. Debunking a troll takes skills in identifying biased presentation, tendentious phrasing, and other manipulations hidden under a reputable or harmless surface. 

Who can apply?
Bloggers and online activists from different European countries. Applicantions from Armenia,
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the Russian Federation are especially
welcome. Selection will be made in line with gender and geographical balance.

You are:

  • actively blogging or regularly posting in social media on sociopolitical topics, either by
    directly addressing social, political, economic or environmental issues in your country or
    in Europe, or by addressing them in an artistic way, such as photography, comics, music,
    artistic actions and campaigns, etc.
  • proficient in English (the workshop will be conducted in English)
  • available to attend the workshop in full, from July 31 (arrival) to August 7 (departure) in
    Odessa, Ukraine.

Please note that you can’t apply before attaining legal age.

What about the costs?
All costs will be covered by the organizers of the event, including travel to / from Odessa, visa accommodation, meals and all materials to be used during the workshop.
Note: Selected participants will be asked to bring their own laptop, camera and microphone.

How to apply?
Interested candidates are invited to apply by filling the application form in English. Within your
application you’ll be asked to opt for one out of three tracks.

More info: www.n-ost.org/blogger_workshop
Questions? Contact Annika: shshmob16(at)n-ost.bpb.de