Transition Explained

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MitOst Transition Explained is a short podcast series made in-house by the MitOst staff for the MitOst community adding voices to the words and stories to the papers.

This podcast series revolves around the topic of Foundation of Legal Entities for the Programme Clusters, the corresponding resolution which will be brought into the Members Assembly this year.

We’ve asked five colleagues who, among many others, have been involved in the MitOst transition processes during the past year to walk us through their journeys and remind us about the purpose and vision behind it. Through sharing and explaining some more of the backstage and taking a closer look at the ideas and processes, this is an invitation to us all to (re)connect and dive deeper into our common transition journey towards a network organisation.

So what happened since the last Members Assembly in Budapest and where are we heading towards now? What is behind the Foundation of Legal Entities for the Programme Clusters paper and what does it mean in practice? Press “play” to find out!