Open Call: Bosch Alumni Forum

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Work on "New Approaches to Fostering Employment in Europe" from 29.11. to 2.12.2018 in Sarajevo and Jahorina, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Apply until 16 October 2018.

In recent years, the overall economic and labor force picture started improving significantly in many European countries. There are, however, regions and specific groups which have not experienced this positive trend. The Western Balkans is among them, where women and young people are in an especially difficult position. Low participation in the labor market in general, high unemployment, low entrepreneurship activity rates, limited economic prospects are some of the main issues that need to be tackled. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other European regions, innovative approaches are enabling them to change their situation and facilitate positive developments. These will be the focus of the BoschAlumniForum.

We invite members of MitOst and Alumni, and members of the Bosch Alumni Network to participate in the BoschAlumniForum taking place in Bosnia & Herzegovina November 29 – December 2 to discuss which new approaches could be utilized to foster employment. In addition, we would like to discuss questions such as:

  • What are successful case studies that show how these challenges can be tackled?
  • Which existing approaches could be further developed in the upcoming years?
  • How can these approaches be scaled or transferred into other contexts?
  • How can academia and civil society contribute to encourage entrepreneurship, create work opportunities and increase financial literacy?
  • To what extent can the media foster economic empowerment of vulnerable groups?

Both personal and professional exchange are at the center of the BoschAlumniForum. Your expertise and experience are an important part of the program. We encourage you to include examples of your current or past experiences in the discussion. In addition, we invite representatives from the field and academia to discuss their concepts and visions.

The BoschAlumniForum will be held in Sarajevo, the capital city, and Jahorina, the Olympic mountain close to Sarajevo. As the whole country was devastated during the war in the 90s, challenges to renew and develop economic potential still exist. Some areas, such as Jahorina, are ahead in this process as a result of proactive approach and new ideas emerging.

Hosts and Partners 
This BoschAumniForum is hosted by Foundation 787 and MitOst in cooperation with the International Alumni Center (iac Berlin). In recent years, MitOst has hosted the BoschAlumniForum together with the Helga Breuninger Stiftung and 4iS plataforma para a inovação social.

Participation and Application 
All members and Alumni of MitOst, members of the Bosch Alumni Network who hold responsible positions in political, economic, cultural and civil society fields, journalism or are self-employed and would like to give their expert opinion at the forum are invited to apply.

Thanks to the financial support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung through the iac Berlin, the costs for overnight stays and meals will be covered. Up to 75% of the travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Please send your applications by October 16 via this link: https://indivsurvey.de/umfrage/1014180/N3Okl5

Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions at boschalumniforum(at)mitost.org. If you would like to travel with your family, please contact us at to discuss the details.

We are looking forward to your applications! Irma Zulic and Dajana Džindo (Foundation 787), Kathrin Oerters (MitOst e.V.) and Charlotte Carnehl (iac Berlin / Bosch Alumni Network)