MitOst Salon "Strategies for Diverse Societies - International Practices"

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Am Montag, 13. Februar ab 19:00 Uhr laden wir in die MitOst-Geschäftsstelle in Berlin Alt-Moabit zum interaktiven Austausch mit internationalen Experten zum Thema Vielfalt und Inklusion ein. Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch.

Dear MitOst members and friends,

Today’s societies are as diverse as the people who shape them. Cities change constantly, they are characterised by pluralism in many different ways. Despite this fact, polarisation and social exclusion are on the rise.

What do societies need in order to become (more) inclusive? Which methods and approaches help promoting the potential of diversity? And how do international practitioners meet the challenges they face while advocating open societies?


We invite you to join and tackle these questions in an interactive discussion with German NGO representatives (among others: Über den Tellerrand, bi´bak) and around 30 experts from European, Asian and North-African countries who are active in the fields of diversity management and inclusion: at the first MitOst Salon Alt-Moabit (Berlin) in 2017!

Let's exchange and learn from queer activists in Georgia and Belarus, from initiatives for women entrepreneurship models in Morocco, from Romanian and French academics working on migration issues, or an Ukrainian advocating equality for disabled people.

When: Monday, 13 February 2017. Start: 7.30 p.m. Admission: from 7 p.m.
Where: MitOst e.V., Alt-Moabit 90, 10559 Berlin, Germany (U9 Turmstraße)

Moderators: Matthias Haberl and Serra Özhan. Event language: English.

This MitOst Salon takes place in the frame of the II. European Forum – Active Citizenship “Diversity and Inclusion” - a project of MitOst and Federal Agency for Civic Education.

Let's talk action and get inspired!

Warm regards,

Mario Tibussek (Managing Director) and Kathrin Oerters (Coordinator Members, Alumni and Network) on behalf of MitOst.

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