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MitOst – the International Network for Cultural Exchange and Active Citizenship

MitOst is a NGO that builds an international and independent network of engaged people. We are working for a vital civil society and for cultural and language diversity: in Europe and its neighbouring regions. We qualify and establish space for encounters and dialogue. MitOst Association was founded in 1996 in Germany and until today has been growing up to 1300 members in 40 countries. In addition to the membership activities the organization is running programs and projects in the fields of active citi­zen­ship and cultural management. Our focus regions are Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

Cultural Exchange

On the European level, MitOst is promoting a wide range of professional and volunteer activities in the areas of cultural exchange and international cultural management.

recent projects and programms

Active Citizenship

With educational programs, volunteer project work, trainings and conferences we support the idea of active citizenship and border crossing dialogue in Europe.

recent projects and programms:

International MitOst Festival

For our network of members, partners and commited individuals, the annual International MitOst Festival is the highlight of the year. We connect volunteers and professionals, habitants and festival visitors in an inspiring atmos­phere. The last festival 2012 took place in Ruse (Bulgaria).

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