MitOst Agora

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Join this year's MitOst Agora!

We cordially invite all members, participants of the 18th International MitOst Festival and the wider MitOst community to the MitOst Agora. The MitOst Agora is a preparatory event to the members' assembly. To receive the zoom link to all four agoras as well as further reading material in preparation of the agora, please register here.

In the MitOst Agora, we discuss draft resolutions for the members’ assembly as well as proposals for changes to the statutes, explain reports and exchange around emerging topics. In addition, candidates for the committee work present themselves.

The format of the agora allows us to give space to the discussions on how to co-shape the association alongside the formal processes required for our members' association during the assembly.
This year, the MitOst Agora will take place online and will be divided into four online sessions.

Agora #1:

  • Wednesday, 11 November 2020, 17:00–18:30 (CET)
  • Introduction of Community Membership and Year of the Community Proposal

Agora #2:

  • Friday, 13 November 2020, 17:00–18:30 (CET)
  • Foundation of Legal Entities for the Programme Clusters

Agora #3:

  • Thursday, 19 November 2020, 12:00–13:30 (CET)
  • Gradual Implementation of the Vision MitOst 2021

Agora #4:

  • Friday, 20 November 2020, 12:00–14:00 (CET).
  • Report of the Board, Presentation of the Candidates for the Committee Work 2020/2021
  • Proposal for Changes to the Statutes §19: Members’ Assembly and Respective Election Procedure