Co-Creation Space

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Join us for the next Co-Creation Space on 25 March to meet, exchange and co-create!

This is a monthly meeting place of our MitOst community to

  • Meet. Learn who is in the room. Connect and see what emerges from that.
  • Exchange. Bring in topics we most care about. Look for resonance and see what evolves from that.
  • Co-Create. Start something together. A project, a circle, an initiative and see how you can share back experiences with the community.

Register for the next Co-Creation Space taking place online on 25 March 2021, 5.30 pm – 8.00 pm (CET).

How Does It Work?

Come up with a topic, question or concern that is important to you and relates to our calling question. Explore it together with others or join the call of another person with which you resonate. We will jointly set the agenda on the spot – based on the sessions that you propose.

Besides starting and continuing conversations about topics we care about, we want to prototype common initiatives. Therefore, we especially invite those of you who want to engage in the collaborative budgeting process as idea holders to call a session. Use this opportunity to share your idea – even if it is still rough around the edges – with other community members and get their feedback and tips on how to shape it further.

You have already attended a Co-Creation Space or you are curious what this is all about and want to contribute to the conversation for the first time? Everyone from community enthusiast, MitOst visionary, conversation butterfly and careful listener is invited to join.

The Co-Creation Space will take place every last Thursday afternoon of the month.

If you want to receive updates on the upcoming community events sign up here for the Year of Community Newsletter.

What Happened So Far?

Find out more about the 4 Co-Creation Sessions that took place in February, the next steps of each session and the contact persons if you want to get involved already now.

Why A Year of Community?

During the Year of Community, we will develop our community's potential to shape pathways to a just, sustainable, and livable future for our societies.

  • The Year of Community is an explorative journey toward a thriving community connected by purpose. The goal is to explore together and make visible why and how we want to be active together.
  • The Year of Community is a learning journey toward an engaged community with shared practices. The goal is to explore together and make visible which tools, methods, activities and formats serve us.
  • The Year of Community is a co-creative journey toward a community that brings together the diverse gifts of community members. The goal is to explore together and make visible how we can individually contribute to this meaningful and impactful community and share our common resources of time, creative ideas, passion, expertise and money in resonance-based ways.

Thank you for everything that you already have, are and will be gifting to our community!

We are excited and full of curiosity about the process we will be shaping together

Your Co-Creation Space Team