CfA: "Dialogue across borders" - project with youth from France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia

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The Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) in association with Altea France, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights and the Community Building Mitrovica are pleased to announce our upcoming programme supported by the French-German Youth Office (OFAJ) 

“Dialogue across Borders - Overcoming Borders through European Integration” 

The deadline for submission is 10 July 2016 at 17:00. 

An exceptional opportunity to meet and engage with youth from France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia in Cologne, Nice and Belgrade and Pristina. 

The programme consists of a series of 3 workshops intended for youth (18-29 years old) who are nationals of France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia. The programme targets youth who are interested international communication, mass media and/or solving issues regarding dialogue between communities, countries and European organisations. 

The workshops are scheduled for the following dates and locations: 

Cologne, Germany – September 6-11, 2016 

Nice, France – November 20-26, 2016 

Serbia/Kosovo (places to be determined) – March 4-12, 2017 

The interactive programme will consist of joint reflection and analysis of intercultural challenges, inputs from participants and experts, visits and exchanges with key organizations and institutions, as well as training and exercise elements. The main objective of the programme will be to develop and improve the participants´ skills and working knowledge on outreach and communication. 

Costs: The participation fee is €165 for French and German nationals and €50 for Serbian and Kosovar nationals. This fee will cover all travel, accommodation, and workshop costs during all three weeks of the program. Programme participants are required to attend all 3 workshops. 

Language: Workshops will be held in English. 

Applications: In order to apply, please send a complete application along with your CV to dialogue@cife.eu 

Application forms can be found at the following website: www.cife.eu 

5 youth will be selected from each respective country for a total group size of 20. 

Due to high volume of applications, we regret to only notify those who have been accepted to the program and will not notify those that are not chosen. 

Please address all question to dialogue@cife.eu