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Kaleidoscope - the Grundtvig Learning Partnership on social inclusion

  • Do you want to visit interesting projects in the field of social inclusion in the Czech republic, Romania and the Great Britain?
  • Do you want to experience how organisations in the Czech republic fight long-term unemployment?
  • Do you want to learn how to build a school where Roma and non-Roma children are friends and teachers love their work so much that they do it in their free time as well?
  • Do you want to find out how young people at risk find they way to employment and learn to discover their talents and develop new skills? 


Then join the MitOst mobility in the frame of Kaleidoscope - Learning partnership on social inclusion!

First mobility date: Februar 20-23, 2014 in Brno (Czech Republic)
Deadline for applications: Februar 10, 2014
Working language: English

The program will focus on social work with longlasting unemployment and the participants will have a chance to visit organisations and projects dealing with this issue, as well as learn about other project of „Diecézní charita Brno“ aimed at social inclusion.

Background information
Together with three organisations from Czech Republic, Romania and the Great Britain, MitOst is part of the project Kaleidoscope - Grundtvig Learning Partnership on social inclusion. We started our partnership by inviting the partners to participate in the MitOst Festival in Leipzig, now is the time to explore the activities of the partner organisations connected to the topic of social inclusion.

Therefore, we invite all interested MitOst members or members of MitOst Alumni groups interested in the topic to join us for the mobilities to the Czech republic, Romania and later the Great Britain. There is no participation fee, accommodation and meals are covered by MitOst, travel cost from and back to Germany will be reimbursed.

Please apply until February 10, 2014 by sending an e-mail with your contact data, your connection to MitOst, and your motivation for participation (half to one full A4 page) to Margita Petrikova at petrikova(at)mitost.org. We will be especially happy to support participants ready to take part in more than one mobility.

Upcoming mobilities include:
April 6-9,2014 in Oradea, Romania
Oktober 2014 in London, United Kingdom
Mai 2015 in Berlin, Germany

About Kaleidoscope - the Grundtvig Learning Partnership on social inclusion
The Learning partnership on social inclusion focuses on the exchange of experience in the field of inclusion of marginalised groups into society. It explores selected approaches in four different countries with focus on different target groups – long-term unemployed, Roma, young people at risk or otherwise marginalised groups. The partner organisations are very diverse - from on of the largest charity organisations in the country to a small voluntarily run teacher-organisation focused on supporting children of one school. This enables us to think big and concrete at the same time and understand the different way in which each person can contribute to the social inclusion in their surrounding.

The partners in this Grundtvig Learning partnership are:
Diecézní charita Brno (Brno, Czech republic)- www.celzus.cz
The Foyer Federation (London, United Kingdom) - www.foyer.net
MitOst (Berlin, Germany) – www.mitost.org

More information about the Grundtvig Learning partnership on social inclusion: learningpartnership.wordpress.com/