Call for application: The School of Traditional Music

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Join the MitOst members' project: The School of Traditional Music in Kiev

We would like to invite you and your friends to take part in Polish-Ukrainian project called The School of Traditional Music. We organise it together with Kateryna Yefremova and Andrii Levchenko with support of MitOst.

The School of Traditional Music will take place in Kyiv from April 13th to 17th, 2016. Participants will be able to choose various kinds of workshops (instrumental, singing, dancing) and lectures concerining activities around traditional culture.

The event is addressed to young people from Poland and Ukraine who are interested in traditional music and already have experiences in singing and playing instruments. It is important to us to meet people who are ready and motivated to improve their skills and broaden knowledge of traditional culture.
Please find a call for application for our project below. It's in Polish and Ukrainian (as well as the workshops). Deadline: 25th of March, 2016.

We would be grateful if you could share this information with your friends from Ukraine and Poland who are not in MitOst network but are interested in traditional music. Thank you very much for support!
If you have any questions concerning our School don’t hesitate to contact me or someone from the team.

Best wishes,

Check out the website of the project rysproject.com

Find here call Ukrainian: Школа традиційної музики (2016)

Find here call Polish: Szkoła muzyki tradycyjnej (2016)


PS Here you can find excellent example of polish traditional music: