The photo project "Professions" aims to show importance of professions which are not so popular among young people but very important for society. How many people you know are dreeming to became a Carpenter, Nurse, Baker?

During series of seminars students will learn features of sequential shooting and try out new skills by taking photo of people of different professions which are play big role in society but very rarely the subject of dreams of young people. The best works will be presented on final open exibition. You also can participate in this exhibition on-line with help of project blog which will present the results of the project to all members in every country!

During the project students will develop basic skills in taking reportage shoots which can be used both in the professional field and in personal life. After the seminar each student will get a task to take a reportage shot concerning one profession. The best works will be displayed both at a photo exhibition and in a newly created blog. The photo exhibition aims to raise in the society question of importance of simple, unprofitable, unfashionable but important jobs which young people are not willing to do.

More information on the project blog: (in Russian)


Zeit: März bis April 2014

Ort: Simferopol, Ukraine

Anastasiia Zhuravlova

Olga Zarko 
Andrey Firsov 
Varvara Zavgorodnyaya