ART Bridge

Project is an exchange between photographers from Georgia and France involving countries, communities, villages in-between those two cities. Nantes and Tbilisi together with Saarbruecken are twin cities, meaning they have different types of cooperation on municipality level. The project explores how twin cities are really twin cities, what do they have in common, and what is different, and how this diversity can be interpreted in different societies.

Project uses visual art, photography combined with the forum theatre as tools to discuss the main topic of “Walls”, that arise between people and divide them.

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During the project photographers will travel through Europe, gather information and pictures from the local communities and organise visits among young people from different minorities (Internally Displaced persons, young people with special needs, etc), who will be both hosts and organisers of activities. They will show their sites from their perspective. The project will be finalized in Nantes with the interactive public exhibitions involving the element of the forum theater and discussions. 


Juni bis September 2014

Nantes, France
Tbilisi, Georgia

Teona Dalakishvili Projektteam:
Sulkhan Chargeishvili
David Mirvelashvili
Jovanna Lopicic
Armani Gambaryan
Ozgur Nuri Demir
Jérémie Lusseau
Gubaz Koberidze