Baku Street Theater (Musical)

Recently we had flashmob groups dancing in the streets, but there haven’t been any theater performances so far that could attaract viewers. Street theatre and theater in general is very unpopular in Azerbaijan. There might be different reasons for it – but one definetely is the unability of the theater to adapt to needs of modern viewers in terms of methods and topics.

We want to create something new. We would like to make street perfomances and bring theater to the audience. The performances will be spontaneous and without advertisement. We will do three different ones: One in Sumgayit and two in Baku (one in the center, one in rural area). Each performance will last for approx. 30 mins. We will have around 10 actors, either students or other young people who are interested in theater. All productions will be accompanied by live music, pantomime and dance.

The plot of the theatre perfomances will be made up by the them and the director. In the performances, we will refer to social topics that are relevant for the public such as gender, ecology, freedom of gathering and others. At the end of each perfomance we will talk with the audience – what did they feel like and what did they personally understand of it? How often do they go to the theater? What do they like about it, what do they not like?

Our goals are:

#1 To popularize theater in Azerbaijan by making street theater performances and bringing theater to the people.

#2 To raise awareness for different social problems by putting an accent to social problems in performances and afterwards discussing with people them.

#3 To help young people raise their interest in arts by involving them in our productions as participants.


Zeit: Mai bis August 2013

Ort: Baku, Sumgayit

Leitung: Zarif Bakirova

Ellada Abbasova
Malak Usubova
Aygul Salehova


Partner und Förderer:
Ol Youth Movement
Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art
Baku Musical Academy