Cultural Tour around Caucasus

Kaukasus-Reise zur Bildung eines kulturellen Netzwerks

In scopes of project three main steps are planned: To travel to Baku and Yerevan, have cultural tours and Meetings with youth. During the cultural tours we will gather materials for the Caucasian cultural evening that is the final step. During the meetings we will discuss future cooperation, how to strengthen network and establish social network. After the trips we will organize Caucasian evening in Georgian universities, where we will show our art works, photos, and video instalation, as well as present our new blog, where youth from caucasus will have a chance to share information, news, articles, program news.


  1. No strong network among youth of south Caucasus
  2. Not enogh information about culture of South Caucasus
  3. Not enough information about the projects and activities in south Caucasus
  4. Stereotypes in Georgia aout Armenians and Azerbaijanians


  1. To strengthen network of Getting Involved and joint civic education alumna in south caucasus, initiate more cross border and multicultural projects
  2. To share information and impressions about culture of Armnians and Azerbaijanis in Georgia: organize Caucacus culture evening
  3. To decrease stereotypes
  4. To promote mitost work
  5. To establish social network

Ways, how we are going to achive our goals:

  1. Cultural tours in Baku and Armenia: after these tours we will gather the photo and video material, which will be shown in Georgian on caucasian cultural evening. We are more similar than different, but not many Georgians are aware of Armenian and Azerbaijanian culture
  2. Organize meeting with Getting Involved and Joint Civic education Alumna in Baku and Azerbaijan, to talk about future plans, initiatives, ideas
  3. Create blog, where Caucasian youth, mostly sytarting with mitost alumna will have an opportunity to share some news, ideas, programs, initiatives, conference infos.

Project consists of two main parts:

1. Tours to Arenia and Azerbaijan to learn more about culture and gather materials for future presentations. Organize meetings, talk about our goals, also goals of mitost, mitost membership, new ideas, initiatives, cross border projects:

The agenda looks like this:

- Introduction, who we are?
- Future plans, imaginary trips in mitost
- Social networking: already planned activities; blogging

2. Caucasian cultural evening in university of Georgia and ilia state university Photo exhibition, presentation of the blog, video instalation. We are more similar than different.

Project cultural tours to Caucasus will includ:
- Tour to Azerbaijani cultural centera
- Tour to Armenia cultural centers
- Presentations in Georgia: Caucasus, Breaking stereotypes


Kaukasus -
Armenien, Azerbaijan

Juli - September 2011

Teona Dalakishvili


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