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Many of you have similar questions conserning the festival, so we decided to make this page on Frequently Asked Questions for you. If you have a question, you might find the answer here. This page is about to grow (in all the three languages) within the next few weeks, the last weeks before the festival, so have a look every once in a while, in case new questions arise. Of course we can't foresee every possible question you might have, so if you don't find the answer here, you're still welcome to contact us directly.

Will I get an invitation for only 5 days?

We write all your invitations for the period between October 6th and 16th, so that you have enough time to get to Leipzig and back home or to stay a little longer and discover Leipzig itself. Some of you might need the time to get back by car, bus or train. 

Do I need to pay for my Visa?

Visa should be for free, so tell the embassy to have a look on the invitation, where we wrote a sentence about this issue. If there should be problems, please contact us. Between Russia/Ukraine and Germany there is an agreement, that visa for cultural exchange should be free. For all the other countries: Please contact us, if you are asked to pay. In case they wonder, why there is no stamp on the invitation, don't worry. We simply don't put stamps on invitations and they're not needed. The signature is sufficient.

What shall I do with my invitation once I got the visa?

The embassy will put a stamp on the invitation and give it back to you. Best take them with you to Germany, in case someone at the border asks you about the reason, why you want to come to Germany.

What does membership mean? Am I a member of MitOst?

A member filled out the membership application form, sent it to us and pays an annual membership fee. Participation in THK programmes or activities or anything similar doesn't automatically make you a member of MitOst.

Why did I receive copies of other people's passports together with my invitation?

Together wirth your invitation we send you 2 passport copies of people working for MitOst. They can officially invite you and sign your invitations. But in order to prove to the embassy that they have that power, we send you the other 2 documents as well. Take those documents with you, when you go to the embassy to apply for the visa.

Where can I stay, if I want to stay longer?

The festival fee, that you pay, only includes the hostel for the duration of the festival. Every additional day in the hostel menas that you have to book it in advance and pay for it yourself.

Festival: from 9th to 13th of October 2013

We don't book rooms for longer than this period. The festival fee includes the hostel, if you don't need one you pay 20 euro. On the website (participation and registration) you can also find the links to the hostel and pensions we booked for you. There you can book for additional days, if you arrive early or stay longer. In which hostel we'll put you, we can only tell in a couple of weeks, we don't know for sure yet.

For those who don't stay for the entire duration of the festival but need accomodation, please tell us in advance so that we can tell the hostel and if need be, cancel the reservation.

I should get a travel allowance – what do I need to do?

Members with high travel costs can get a travel allowance. On our webpage you can find a list with all the cities and prices. This is for your orientation. If your city or town doesn't show up on this list, take the city closest to yours or write a mail (praktikant(at) to learn how much money you might get back. We can only support members, not Alumni.

How does it work: You buy the tickets and pay all the costs. We can not give you any money in advance. On the first day of the festival we will collect the festival fees from you and probably also the membership fees. On Thursday or Friday, we can pay you the travel allowance. In order to get any money from us, you have to keep all your tickets and give them to us, the original ticket (or tickets) to Leipzig and a copy of your ticket back. Once you're back home, we need the original of the return ticket as well. Without these tickets we can not give you anything, so keep them safe!

Ho do I best get to Leipzig and the MitOst-Festival?

Unfortunately, we can't help you with your travel preparations. How you get to Leipzig is your concern. We can't book tickets for you or organise any travel groups. What we can do is put some information on our website, how to travel within Germany and in Leipzig. In case you don't arrive directly in Leipzig, you will get some tips on travelling soon. This information we will send to you via newsletter, you will have the possibility to read about it on our blog, the festival page or facebook. If you know anyone, who wants to come to the festival as well and come from the same city or town as you, just team up and travel together.

When do we learn more about the programme?

We're working hard on preparing the programme for you. Many events are fixed but we're still working on others, so we can't present you with a time schedule yet. Within the next few weeks, though, we'll publish some of the events on our festival blog, for you to get a better idea.


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