Take part in the Festival!

All members get together at the highlight of the organisation’s year – the MitOst-Festival, the central meeting point for them and their guests. However, the most interesting part for you is to get involved and become an active participant – pull your talents, knowledge or friends together and join the team!

We are looking for…

…Members to be a contact person

You would be the contact person for an expert, an author or a panel member, collecting important information about the event and what equipment or material is needed. During the Festival you would stand by his/her side and help out if there come up any problems.

…Workshop teamers

The ProjektNetzWerkstatt is an important element during the programme at the MitOst-Festival. It is designed by the members themselves.

You are invited to team an event (such as a workshop, a panel, a working group or sth else) which fits well into our concept in terms of content – it can work as a frame for you to share your ideas, talents and knowledge. Usually, workshops at MitOst take about 90 min and are open to all the participants and citizens of the host city. It is great to connect the theoretical part to a practise afterwards.

Please feel free to get inspired by the events from last year as well.

Since the MitOst-Festival is multilingual, you can offer your event in Russian, German and/or English.

...unknown, young film artists

Between Odessa, Oder and Osbekistan there happen stories: Stories of the day-to-day life as well as extraordinary life-changing stories. Scattagories is a film festival that will take place during the 11th International MitOst-Festival on October 9–13, 2013 in Leipzig. We want to invite young, new film artists to Leipzig to tell us their stories and show us their movies about and in Eastern European perspective. The best film will be rewarded on the last evening with the “Golden Walnut”.

Please send in short or long-movies, no matter if fictional or documentary style, political, romantic or crazy in content. The only requirements are:
the film has to relate to either a city, a country or a river (or all of these categories)
the film has to relate to Eastern Europe, Central Asia and/or to the Near East
Please send in your application until August 31, 2013 in digital form: either via internet or at least as a DVD.

TriPolis / MitOst-Festival
Lützner Straße 91 (im Tapetenwerk)
04177 Leipzig

...Readers for our Roof Loud Readings

You're sitting in your armchair, legs tucked up, or you're lying on the couch underneath the covers ­– hiding your nose behind a book, your eyes are focusing on the letters, your brain is roaming through imaginary worlds, your tongue can be at rest…Not with us at MitOst-Festival!

Mouth, vocal cords and other body parts will be in great demand at RLR (Roof Loud Readings) as we'll be reading brilliant, heartbreaking, poetic, dark, funny and even intellectually ambitious texts from our MitOst books. Be loud and expressive!

The rules are simple:

  • There will be two teams. The host suggests a book for you to read and every team chooses one reader. The readers have two minutes to present their paragraph in a most vivid way, trying to convince the audience and the jury of their own performance.
  • In the second round the book, that your team will read, is chosen by the rivalling team. The performance takes five minutes each and again the jury and the audience decide who wins.
  • Finally, friendship wins but of course also the team with the highest score. Applause granted.

You are interested in participating in RLR as one of our readers? Great! All you have to do is register until 30th of September. Just contact Olga Vostretsova, Kristina Semenova and Irina Posrednikova via rlr.mitost13@gmail.com.

Also, you get the opportunity to nominate your favourite books or texts for the competition. To do this, please send a mail, containing title and author, to the same address until 9th of September.

…Inspiration for our cultural programme

Of course we are glad about any idea, whether concept or a concrete offer, for the cultural programme in Leipzig. Did you maybe organize a project that you would like to talk about? Is there a topic on your mind which really needs to be discussed? Or would you even enjoy carrying out a project during the Festival itself? Since we are a non-profit organisation, we are always keen on ideas that we can realize anywhere anytime without spending a lot of money.

…DJs and party organizers

Do you like organizing parties? Or are you maybe even a DJ?


In the future, translating and mediating will be one of MitOst’s main objectives –  There are no borders to the MitOst charme, that is why we are lucky to welcome more and more interesting people who do not speak German. It is important to us to integrate all of you, as well as the long-term members, into what is happening at MitOst and the Festival – for a vivid, intercultural exchange beyond languages and nations. We are focussing on English as well as Russian. As a mediator, you would translate texts beforehand, get together tandems during the Festival, interpret during events, support the workshop teamers to offer a multilingual workshop… What else is possible to let everyone speak at the Festival? We are looking forward to your suggestions and linguistic gifts.

…Communities of travel

A journey in company? We have had a lot of good experience with that! Many of you probably remember the train journey from Moscow to Perm in 2010. So why don’t you travel together again? From Berlin, Kiev or Moscow? By bus or train? Maybe you could even offer a little agenda at the beginning or end of the journey?  We are looking for one or more persons willing to share this idea with us and other members and let it grow. You could be in charge of logistics and the programme.

All volunteers and good ideas are welcome!

Of course we also appreciate suggestions concerning the host city, people you know or reports of your experiences.

…Folks to reveal the Festival

Do you like taking photographs, making a film or writing journalistic texts, interviews, reports and features about the Festival? Then you are exactly the person we are looking for. At best we join you all together in one group revealing the Festival in pictures, audio and words. Does that sound good to you? Could you even imagine teaming such a working group?

…Support at the information stand

We are looking for volunteers to do shifts at the info stand – you could get to know a lot of great people in no time.

…Technical support

To switch on video projectors, connect amplifiers, adjust the wifi – we are looking for some folks enjoying this and supporting us with their knowledge.

…Helpers for the calculation

We are looking forward to people committing and participating. Please take responsibilities for our Festival in Leipzig. The Festival’s success is in all our hands – get involved, organize an event, be in charge of something, spread your ideas!

Contact person

Maria Shamaeva

The current programme you can find on our festival blog.