Participation and registration

We invite all our members and everyone who's interested to come to the 11th International MitOst-Festival happening from 9 to 13 October 2013 in Leipzig, Germany.

It is possible to enrol in the Festival until 9 September 2013 via this online form.

Please read the following conditions carefully before enrolling.

Festival fee 

Every participating member of MitOst and every guest pays a Festival fee which is including the accomodation in a hostel as well as all events during the Festival.

Concerning the differenciation between EU 15 and other countries it's important the place of living, not the nationality.


EU 15, Switzerland

other countries

Members, employed

90 euro

60 euro

Members, unemployed

60 euro

40 euro

Guests (Non-members)

150 euro

100 euro

In case a member wishes to travel to Leipzig to attend only the general meeting, he pays half of the Festival fee.

Participants who do not need accomodation in Leipzig pay a fee of 20 Euro.

We ask all participants from the EU to transfer their Festival fee until 9 September to the following bank account:

MitOst e.V.
Deutsche Bank Berlin
Nr of bank account: 101 501 500
Bank sorting code: 100 700 24
IBAN: DE33100700240101501500

All participants who come from other countries than the EU can pay the Festival fee in cash in Leipzig.

Travel allowance

Our goal is to make sure that as many of our members as possible can attend the Festival. We reimburse parts of your travel costs to you which amount is depending on where your journey begins. With that we want to limit your travel costs to a reasonable level.

All members who cannot attend the Festival due to financial reasons please refer to our treasurer Anja Kretzer (kretzer(at) There are few exceptions in which we can give a grant.

Here we would also like to remember you of the donation campaign of the founders of MitOst. Please help us financing your travel allowances and visa fees and make the Festival open to as many people as possible. Also we would like to support the journey of the members from EU15 together with you. Donate, spread the word and make the Festival a diverse event! Click here to go to the donation campaign on

Unfortunately, we won't be able to pay travel allowances to non-members.

Please take into consideration that it is important the place of living or the place where your journey begins, not the nationality.

Travel allowances (in euro):

Astana 150
Baku 150
Belgrade 70
Bratislava 20
Wrocław 20
Brno 20
Budapest 20
Bucharest 30
Chișinău 100
Donetsk 110
Dushanbe 150
Istanbul 50
Kiev 70
Košice 20
Kraków 20
Krasnoyarsk 150
Ljubljana 30
Minsk 120
Moscow 50
Novosibirsk 150
Odessa 110
Omsk 150
Pécs 50
Perm 120
Prague 20
Pristina 100
Riga 50
Skopje 110
Sofia 50
Tallinn 50
Tashkent 150
Timișoara 30
Tbilisi 120
Tirana 120
Tomsk 150
Uzhhorod 50
Vilnius 70
Warsaw 20
Yekaterinburg 120
Yerewan 150
Zagreb 30

Is your city missing? Please ask us. We will calculate your allowance by cities oder places near to yours.

Accomodation and catering

This year we have multiple possibilities of accomodation. Most of the participants will find it in the Sleepy Lion Hostel in multi-bed rooms.

The overnight stay at the hostel from Wednesday to Sunday as well as breakfast are included in the Festival fee. By paying a surcharge of 50 euro it's possible to stay overnight in a double room in a pension. Everyone wishing to stay in a single room can pay a surcharge of 120 euro.

Double and single rooms are booked at the Pension Giesserstraße, the Auenwald-Pension and the Hotel Mersenburger Hof. All the hotels are close to the Festival Headquarters in the west of the city (0,6–2,5 km away).

Of course it is possible to find accomodation elsewhere. In this case the Festival fee is 20 euro (view here).

You are responsible yourself for lunch and dinner. As usual we provide a list of recommendable cafes and restaurants for you to visit. During the general meeting of all members there will be a snack for lunch.

Invitations and visa

Everyone who is in need of a visa should enrol as early as possible. Since we send the invitations per mail, it usually take a few days for them to arrive. If you are interested in express mail you would have to pay the expenses yourself.


We wish to open up the Festival for everyone to speak. That is why we try with all our possibilities to offer all events during the Festival in English, Russian and German. Please show consideration that this will not always be possible.

Use of recordings and photographs

The Festival will be documented in film, photo and audio files. By enrolling in the event, all the participants agree to publication of the files and therefore to publication of him/herself in these files. MitOst as organizer of the Festival can use the files for documentation and PR. It can choose the appropriate medium itself.

Cancellation fees

If you would like to cancel your enrolment, please do that until 9 September via e-mail to anmeldung(at) Everyone cancelling later or not at all is obliged to pay half of the Festival fee to MitOst. Please understand that for MitOst every enrolment is per se a financial risk. That is why we ask our members and guests to cancel their enrolment as early as possible in case they are not be able to come.


For questions please contact Maria Shamaeva
Phone: +49 (0)30 31 51 74 63


Registration form

Donation campaign of the MitOst's founders

The current programme you can find on our festival blog.