That was it. Our 11. International Mitost Festival in Leipzig. We hope, you all had a good journey back home. Hello again from the Berlin office. After a short break from work, we are back now, going through photos, evaluating and simply being happy about the time we shared at the festival. We hope you enjoyed it as well, gathered many different impressions and felt like home in our festival headquarters. In this post-festival newsletter you get some links to photos and to the evaluation and a big, big thank you.

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Now that everything is over, we desperately want to know, what kind of impressions you got from the festival. How did you like it? What do you think about the events? What about Leipzig as the place of choice and the spaces we chose for you? All your impressions, feedback and suggestions for improvement will help us see where we did a good job and how to do better next time. That is why we set up an online-evaluation for you to fill out until November 17th. We would be very glad, if you could spare a couple of minutes for it. Here you get to the evaluation.

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Images – Festival Stories

So many people and so many things to do. Did you try and get a picture of what was going on around you at the festival, too? We did and collected quite a selection of photographs and films for you to look at and watch on Facebook, flickr and our festival-blog. If you would like to share your own documentation with us, you are very welcome to send us photos, videos and/or texts. Just send an email to geschaeftsstelle@mitost.org and we will publish them.

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Address for Travel Reimbursement

For all those of you, who still want to send us their original return tickets for travel reimbursement, please send them to us on a DIN A4 page. Write on it your name, the date of the journey, the price and the city of departure and arrival. The documents you can send to this address:

MitOst e.V.
Maria Shamaeva
Alt-Moabit 90
10559 Berlin

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Thank You!

Culture, politics, civil society, interpersonal relations, philosophy, cuisine – these and many more aspects to enjoy at such events. We hope, you got your money's worth. We want to thank you all so much for the variety of events we were able to set up with your help! In the end, it all worked out pretty well, so thank you dear people conducting the workshops, members of the festival team from Leipzig and Berlin, referees, DJs and bands, moderators, participants, volunteers, people from the documentation team, helpers at the infopoint, interpreters, coworkers at the festival headquarters from Neues Schauspiel Leipzig. Thanks to all the creatives, crazy people, calm people, entertainers and all the others.. thanks for your engagement and presence in Leipzig. Meeting you all (again) – it was a blast.

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Last thing to say...

... we had a great time with you and are already thinking about the next MitOst-Festival. The preparations have started and we're looking forward to meet you all again in Serbia. See you next year in Novi Sad!

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We have almost 400 participants for the festival now. We are very happy about the huge interest in MitOst and the festival. We are also facing some new logistic challenges but since you are helping and supporting us shape this festival we can (almost) relax and just wait for the event. A big thank you goes to all the helpers and participants! In this newsletter we have some infos for you about places and times, what you can bring with you and what is still needed, programme and some general points on the festival organisation. Enjoy reading!

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Participating on short notice

Those of you who don't need accomodation and travel reimbursement can always stop by the festval on short notice and/or come to our members' assembly. We would be grateful, though, if you could just drop us a note about your attendance via praktikant@mitost.org.

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Please, tell us as soon as you know, that you can't come to the festival, if you registered online! Then we can give the rooms to other participants, who are now on the waiting list.

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Tweet about the festival

We are looking forward to many Tweets around the festival. When tweeting, please use the hashtag #mitostfestival.

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Warm-up Programme

In case you arrive in Leipzig on Wednesday evening already, you are very welcome to participate in the event series "About Mediation of Art", which is organised in cooperation with our partners of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership "Contemporary Art for Everyone", the Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig (Galery for Contemporary Art Leipzig) and Halle 14 e.V..

At 11 am the day starts with the discussion "How to Structure Art Mediation" and at 2 pm we will discuss the question "How to Deal with Options, Obstacles and Frame Conditions". Place: Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig, Karl-Tacuhnitz-Straße 9-11. More information about our event series you can find on our festival blog via Programme/Discussions.


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Infopoint / Lodging / Check-In

The central nervous system of our festival logistics is the infopoint. That is, where you register as soon as you arrive, where you get the programme, pay the festival and membership fee (in case you haven't done so already), enrol in the workshops and find help and information throughout the festival.

We ask all (!) of you to register at the infopoint, even if you don't need accomodation.

This year we will have two Infopoints on Wednesday for logistic reasons. Some of you will stay in the Sleepy Lion Hostel, which is located in the centre of Leipzig, directly at the central train station. You register at the infopoint in the lobby first and check in then, before you come to our festival headquarters in the evening for the opening.

If you will stay in a bed & breakfast, please come to the festival headquarters fist and register there. After doing so you just go to the bed & breakfast to get your room and check in.

In case you arrive outisde of the official festival infopoint opening hours, please tell us in a short email to praktikant@mitost.org. We will tell you soon in a seperate email, who will be staying in which hotel or hostel. Participants of the project RAUMformation and Django's musical workshop will get more Information via email from the project managers.

Infopoint Opening Hours

Hostel Sleepy Lion:
W: 2 pm to 7 pm
Neues Schauspiel Leipzig (festival headquarters):
W: 11 am to 10 pm
Th: 9 am to 10 pm
F: 9 am to 10 pm
S: 9 am to 10 pm

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Emergency Number

In case of emergency, please call this emergency number: +49 176 846 751 73. Please use this number only, if the situation is serious.

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Directions / Public Transport Leipzig

Addresses of our event locations and hotels and hostel you can find on our festival blog. Most of the events take place in our festival headquarters. As you can see on the map, unfortunately some of the locations and accomodations are further away from the festival headquarters than others. Further below you find the ticket prices for public transport in Leipzig. But please also have a look on the website of Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (Leipzig public transport, in German and English). It might make sense to form groups and buy group day travel tickets, if you know, that you'll be out in town together. 

Prices Leipzig Public Transport (centre, please be aware of the different zones and tariffs!):
single journey: 2,40 Euro
single journey, 4-journeys: 9,20 Euro
day travel card:
1 Person: 6,00 Euro
2 People: 8,90 Euro
3 People: 11,80 Euro
4 People: 14,70 Euro
5 People: 17,60 Euro

Lines from Central Train Station to the Festival Headquarters:
Tram Line 7
Tram Line 15
These Lines go from central train station to the stop Lindenauer Markt. The ride is approximately 10 minutes. From there it's a five minute walk to the festival headquarters (Lützner Straße 29).

Journey from the Airport Leipzig/Halle
For all those of you who arrive at the airport, there is information on the journey to Leipzig on this webpage (in German and English). On the left-hand-side you can find the buttons airport shuttle, bus, coach and train and taxi and shuttle service.

Arrival from other German Cities
If you come to Leipzig from other cities in Germany, please have a look on the following websites – Deutsche Bahn (train), Interconnex (train, mainly for those coming from Berlin), Mitfahrgelegenheit (private persons who take you with them), this site and this site (bus). Most of long distance busses/coaches arrive at the central station/Geothestraße.

And so you won't miss it, here you find a couple of photos of the entrance to our festival headquarters:

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Not in every hotel you will find WiFi, for example in the bed & breakfast Giesserstraße. In the Hotel Merseburger Hof you can get WiFi in some of the rooms but you will have to pay a fee. What they can offer for free is their stationary computer with internet access. In the Sleepy Lion Hostel as well as in the bed & breakfast Auenwald you have free WiFi. We made sure that we have WiFi in all our festival locations. If you need WiFi while wandering about the city of Leipzig, have a look on the two websites below. They contain information about Hotspots, for example McDonalds at the central train station.

WiFi Hotspots Leipzig List
WiFi Hotspots Leipzig map

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What to bring with You

Things for our Tombola
Please bring some things that we can use for our tombola. The proceeds we will use for our members' projects, as usual.

Material for Workshops
At the festival there is going to be a series of workshops on designing/redesigning. The workshop teams ask you to bring with you the followong:

  • broken and old clothes that are to be restored and rags for making patches (Repaircafé)
  • Rags and/or old clothing for making dolls (Tradition goes modern)
  • Make-up, crazy clothing and digital cameras/phones (Body & Space Experiments)

For the workshop "Gamify for Good Your Public Space" you will need a smartphone, tablet or a laptop.

Those of you who prefer being outside and love gardening should check out the Workshop of the Leipziger Stadtpflanzer team. The workshop is called "Urban Gardening Workshop" and the team asks you to provide the group with:

  • objects to plant in from your attic or basement (e.g. suitcases, tubs, rubber boots, boxes etc.)
  • bulbs, seeds, bushes and shrubs...
  • big bags for transport of soil

Of course it will be difficult to bring these things to leipzig for people from other countries. That is why we ask locals to provide us with some of these things, even if you don't intend to take part in the workshop yourself. Please give everything for this workshop to the team in our Leipzig organisation office at TriPolis, Lützner Straße 91, Building K (in Tapetenwerk) until October 10th 2013.

More information about the programme and details about this workshop in particular you can find on our festival blog: programme.

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Light Bulb Call by Claudia, Markus & Uwe from neues Schauspiel Leipzig

We have enough of everything in Germany? That is not true – we have a lack of many things! Some things change just like that, others want to be changed and need to be changed! When visiting us you can contribute: What doesn't exist anymore in Germany is a normal 40 watt light bulb. Instead, they were replaced by law by "energy-saving lamps". They actually do save a little but of energy but at the same time radiation emanates from them and they have a higher rate of quicksilver. We don't want that! So please, bring us 40 watt light bulbs and help us, enlighten our warm, cozy place accordingly. Every light bulb will grant you a beer. We can not give out more than one per person but we're happy about as many bulbs as you can bring.

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Wanted: Football Players for our MitOst-Members-Team "MitBall"

This year during the festval we will have the first International Football Tournament for the Friendship between Nations Cup. Some of the teams have already been formed. It is going to be a match on a small pitch with seven players and mixed teams. The MitOst-Members-Team "MitBall" is being challenged by:

  • Team-fEMale 2012 (Ukraine and Russia)
  • FC Kreisau (Lectors)
  • SKV Süd-Connection (Robert Bosch Foundation)
  • Dynamo Berlin (MitOst-Office Berlin)
  • Anti-RB Leipzig (Team of hosts from Leipzig)

To all the teams: Please tell us in advance the real names of your teams!

At about 1 pm on Friday the players meet on the pitch of the 1. FC Lindenau and have the chance to get changed there in the locker rooms. They can warm-up, talk about the tactics etc. The tournament starts at 1.30 pm on the side pitch: Erich-Köhn-Straße 24, approximately a 10 minute walk from the festival headquarters.


  1. Fairplay
  2. We play with six outfield players and one keeper
  3. The team on the field has to be mixed at all times
  4. We will play 2 x 7 minutes
  5. The pausing teams provide the referee
  6. If need be we will name an additional person for time keeper

Markus Lux kindly takes charge of specifying the rules and generating the playing schedule. MitOst is in charge of providing a barbecue with sausages and water and beer for the finale.

The winners will get the Friendship between Nations Cup, founded by the Robert Bosch Foundation. All members are invited to support the teams. We ask all of you, who are interested to play in our members' team, to take with them their sports wear and contact Tino Rasche. He is the team captain of our members' team "MitBall".

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Languages at the Festival

We are trying to make the language barrier disappear but for us alone that is a mammoth project. If you see that we don't have enough interpreters somewhere or that participants look lost somehow, have the heart and use your own language skills to everyones advantage. A big thanks in advance goes to all the interpreters! And we ask all participants to please understand that we simply can't organise all the events to be multilingual.

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Organisational Notes

The law says that we have to keep quiet after 10 pm, especially in front of our festival headquarters. At events in the evenings particularly we ask you to keep quiet, when you are in the backyard. The residents around the place will be grateful to you.

In one of the rooms in the festival hedquarters, ETAGE LEIPZIG, the floor is easily damagable so that visitors have to take their shoes off. Please understand and be prepared.


Start of Events – Times
Please respect each other and keep to the times in the programme. Finish on time and be patient, if it takes 10 minutes longer until an event starts. The rooms will be used to capacity, so if one event is delayed, that impacts the schedule for the rest of the day. In our programme we have written the full hour for the start of an event. If one event finishes at 2 pm and the next starts at 2 pm, please take into account, that these are approximate times, since we can't include all the breaks and reorganisation times. We will send the programme to you until the start of the festival.

Changes in the Course of Events
There might be changes on short notice in the programme. If that happens, you can find all information on current places, times and cancelled events at the infopoint in the festival headquarters, on signs and online via facebook and twitter.

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Thank you all very much for your Ideas in terms of workshops, activities and discussions!
First, we can tell you now that the official festival-opening will take place on Wednesday evening, October 9th, in our festival headquarters. Workshops and other events will be on Thursday and Friday. Ideas become tangible concepts and in this newsletter we can already present you with a couple of events to give you an idea of the festival and to give you something to look forward to.

While Tamuna Gurchiani will share her knowledge about film distribution for documentaries, others, interested in interpreting, you will have the chance to learn more about how we can communicate with each other, if we simply don’t have a common language. The Workshop “Repaircafé” is all about re-using old and broken items to create new things and give new meaning to stuff that others might call junk. Here you’ll create self made patches for old clothes and discuss pros and cons of our “throw-away-society”. In mySPACEyourSPACE Heike Fahrun wonders how we use (city) space and who experiences which space in which way. In between you might want to have a look what our polish students of gastronomy are doing and let them help you make your own Piergi, Bigos and Barszcz. Of course, we also have some topics for you, that are especially interesting for NGOs. Listen to Roland Bender, when he talks about human resources development for NGOs or Armin Pialek giving you advice, how to use pro bono as a method in the non-profit sector.

This year we’re preparing a series of discussions about certain countries for you. All of us and MitOst as an NGO are witnesses of worrying developments in countries like Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary or Turkey and also Egypt. The political situation and the situation of the civil society in these countries make us and our local partners face new, unfamiliar challenges. At the same time we can observe, how new forms of engagement, new forms of protest and initiatives. In several discussions and events we would like to talk with you and our guests about these developments and the role, that citizens and NGOs like MitOst play in all of this.

As you can see, we cover a wide range of topics and formats, so that every one o f you will surely find something they’re interested in.

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For our MitOst Festival we are planning a Pecha-Kucha Night. Some of you are already familiar with this format, others might wonder, if it is something to eat. No, it is not. Pecha-Kucha is a presentation style in which a picture slideshow supports your presentation. The key is that 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each and the presenter is supposed to follow the speed of the slideshow and not the other way around as we are used to. You are welcome to learn more about the origin and specifics of Pecha-Kucha on this webpage.

This format is perfect to bring attention to the topics which are important to you or for introducing your organisation, initiative or project at the festival. You sum up your message briefly and concisely.

For all those, who are interested in taking part in Pecha-Kucha are very welcome to send their pictures already in the final order until 20.September to Anastasia Marukhina.

Presentations on the following topics are of a special interest:

  • do-it-yourself-city

  • Hospitality culture in multicultural cities

  • Social Entrepreneurship the sphere of urban youth work

However, you are always welcome to propose a other subjects. Introduce your project, initiative or organisation at the Festival!

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Vagrant Street University

Political transformations in the homeland made a small group of activists from Hungary form a new nomad tribe and move towards Leipzig bringing with them a part of the Budapest metropolis. The group of artists called Pneuma Szöv will start their affairs of disorder not far from the festival headquarters at Lindenauer Market in Leipzig already in mid-September. The project "Vagrant Street University" is being sponsered by Robert Bosch Stiftung and the International Theatre Institute within the framework of the programme Szenenwechsel. It is part of the “art interventions – strategies of artistiv interventions within the public space” and 11. International MitOst-Festival with support byKulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen. This text will give you an idea of the project and make you familiar with their goals (only in German but you'll find a link to their webpage).

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Bring it!


This year you have an additional reason to bring small presents from your country for a good purpose. Pack your suitcase and bring a couple of small presents with you to the Festival. Let it be a cup with the symbol of your town or the t-shirt of your favourite football team, a bar of chocolate or a typical product from your region – there are no limits to your imagination.

Everyone donates the souvenirs once they arrive at the Festival Headquarters. The you can buy a ticket and hope for good luck at our lottery on Saturday evening. 100% of the benefit from the lottery will be going to projects of MitOst members next year.

Documents for the travel expense report

Please don't forget to bring with you to Leipzig your original travel tickets and a copy of the return tickets. in case you need to travel through another city because of visa issues, please bring these tickets as well. Even if MitOst is not able to refund the full travel expenses, we're still obliged to prove to the foundations, that the participants of the festival invested a part of their own resources. Thank you for your understanding!

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Support for the festival team

A couple of days and weeks ago the festival team received reinforcement! Interns and fellows in Berlin and Leipzig help us with the preparation of the festival.

Sabrina Mielke works with us in Berlin, coordinating the registration of participants, preparing invitations, updating the website, answering your numerous questions and doing innumerous other useful things.

Just recently Anastasia Marukhina has joined us as additional help in the organization of the cultural programme.

Carolin Richter has started to work in the team of Elisa Satjukow in Leipzig.

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MitOst Leipzig

Let us introduce to you a network of creative, enthusiastic people, who are interested in and inspired by Eastern Europe. The group came together in summer of 2012. Together they are get the Festival going, which is taking place in their home town. The group meets regularly for round tables in order to gather ideas and combine their energy. The fruits of this collaboration you will experience yourself during the Festival. Hence, there will be a Filmfestival of the emerging urban cinema, an art residency for artists from the post-socialist space. Moreover, your will find alternative walks around town, musical and culinary highlights and much more. Learn more about the Festival on our blog soon!

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MitOst mobilizes–support on betterplace.org

Sincere gratitude to everyone who has donated to MitOst Festival on betterplace.org! We have already collected nearly 2.000 euros! Thanks to your donations we are able to support many young people, not only the ones travelling to the Festival from remote regions but also people from Germany and neighbouring countries. The donation campaign is still running and we are always happy about further donations!

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Reminder – still newsworthy, still hot!

Registration for the Festival

You can still apply for the Festival online until September 9th. Please read the Conditions of Participation carefully before filling in the form.

RAUMformation – intercultural youth work in urban space

Those of you, who have a special interest in studying more intensively the challenges and methods of youth work in urban conditions, please apply until September 10th via raumformation(at)mitost.org. The programme starts before the opening of the Festival and continues during the Festival. Find more information here (in German).

MitFilm and the "Golden Walnut"

We have extended the deadline for your applications! Now you are granted some more time until August 31. to submit your films and videos dealing with Eastern European Countries.

Roof Loud Readings

We are still looking for engaged and passionate readers for the literary game RLR. If you're interested in taking part in the RLR, please apply until September 30th via rlr.mitost13(at)gmail.com. Here you find more about rules and general information.

Djangos Musical Workshop 

We welcome participants for our Django revival!  On Sunday, October 6th, the soft toy’s gang - following the example of stuffed bird Django - will be coming all together again after a long trip. Together with you they want to make their last months' experiences into a mini musical. All Alumni are warmly invited to take part. The application should be sent until the end of August to woistdoro(at)hotmail.com.

Wanted - engaged helpers 

Translators & Interpreters

We are looking for engaged people who would like to make an unforgettable festival experience accessible to all members and guests without knowledge of the German language. The real cultural exchange can take place only if we get together and start it within languages. During this festival we are focusing on English and Russian by means of translations, language tandems and interpreters. Please let us know if you have some more ideas.  If you are interested please write an email to Maria Shamaeva.

Documentary Team

Everyone who loves taking photos or is obsessed with making films, writing, taking interviews and putting together reports or who is just interested in this field, we would like to invite you to improve your skills within the production of the festival journal or photo journal. Even better, if you decide to do it as a group! Please apply to Laura Werling. We are looking forward to your creativity!

Travel Expenses Geeks

Are you experienced in working with travel expense reports and do you speak several foreign languages, that are relevant for the Festival? Brilliant! Then get in touch with Uta Protzmann and help us during the festival with the travel expense reports.

We are happy about active participation!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you have similar questions concerning the festival, so we decided to make a FAQ-page for you. If you have any questions, please have a look on that page before contacting us. You might find the answer there. The page is about to grow within the next few weeks, so check it out every once in a while, in case new questions arise. If you don't find teh answer there, you are still welcome to ask us directly, of course.

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Ideas for workshops

We are looking again for MitOst members, who want to offer a workshop. Especially welcomed are offers on the following topics:

  • Methods of intercultural youth work in the urban public space
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Good governance
  • Capacity Building for NGO
  • Art interventions in the public space

Workshops usually last 90 minutes, if necessary, longer, and are aimed at members and citizens of the host city. You can offer your workshops in German and/or English, respectively on Russian. As a workshop leader you pay half of the Festival fee.

Please send in your ideas to Maria Shamaeva (shamaeva(at)mitost.org) until 12th of August.

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Send in your movies and get the "Golden Walnut"!

Scattagories – this is the slogan of a film festival that will take place during the MitOst-Festival in Leipzig. Please send in your short or long-movies from and/or about Eastern Europe, Central Asia and/or the Near East until 31st of July. Your films must be related to either a city, a country or a river (or all of these categories). For more information please read the call here.

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Roof Loud Readings – literary play

You're sitting in your armchair, legs tucked up, or you're lying on the couch underneath the covers ­– hiding your nose behind a book, your eyes are focusing on the letters, your brain is roaming through imaginary worlds, your tongue can be at rest…

Not with us at MitOst-Festival!

Mouth, vocal cords and other body parts will be in great demand at RLR (Roof Loud Readings) as we'll be reading brilliant, heartbreaking, poetic, dark, funny and even intellectually ambitious texts from our MitOst books. Be loud and expressive!

The rules are simple:

  • There will be two teams. The host suggests a book for you to read and every team chooses one reader. The readers have two minutes to present their paragraph in a most vivid way, trying to convince the audience and the jury of their own performance.
  • In the second round the book, that your team will read, is chosen by the rivalling team. The performance takes five minutes each and again the jury and the audience decide who wins.
  • Finally, friendship wins but of course also the team with the highest score. Applause granted.

You are interested in participating in RLR as one of our readers? Great! All you have to do is register until 30th of September. Just contact Olga Vostretsova, Kristina Semenova and Irina Posrednikova via rlr.mitost13@gmail.com.

Also, you get the opportunity to nominate your favourite books or texts for the competition. To do this, please send a mail, containing title and author, to the same address until 9th of September.

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Internship in Leipzig

We are looking for an intern to support our festival team in Leipzig. The internship begins on 15th of August. Please send in your applications until 1st August to leipzig2013(at)mitost.org. For more information please read the call here (in German).

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Registration for the Festival

Until 9th of September you can enrol in the Festival. Please read the conditions of participation carefully before enrolling.

Everyone who is in need of a visa should enrol as early as possible.

If you are going to arrive to Leipzig later or leave earlier, please inform us as early as possible as well. Then we could avoid unnecessary cancellation costs.

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Our Festival Headquarters: Neues Schauspiel Leipzig

We are very happy to introduce you to our Festival Headquarters 2013. Our host this year will be Neues Schauspiel Leipzig e.V.. The organisation was founded in 2011 in order to support the arts and culture, in general, but especially the theatre. Its setting is the west of Leipzig, where the old printing plant was converted for artistic purposes and where we will be residing in October. The cozy theatre pub "Tante Manfred" (aunt Manfred, on the photo), the auditorium, a spacious party room in the basement and many other fascinating corners await us at "Neues Schauspiel Leipzig". We’ll have lots of space for getting to know each other, inspiration and relaxing. Have a look on the organisation’s website for further information and be amazed.

Nach oben


Coordinator in Berlin

Maria Shamaeva

Phone: +49 (0)30 31 51 74 63

MitOst e.V.
Alt-Moabit 90
10559 Berlin

Coordinator in Leipzig

Elisa Satjukow

our Facebook page

our Festivalblog