Festival Headquarters: Neues Schauspiel Leipzig

The heart of every festival are the headquarters. That's where the participants meet in between events, discuss, have a cup of coffee and party all night long. This year will be no exception.

We are very happy to introduce you to our Festival Headquarters 2013. Our host this year will be Neues Schauspiel Leipzig e.V.. The organisation was founded in 2011 in order to support the arts and culture, in general, but especially the theatre. Its setting is the west of Leipzig, where the old printing plant was converted for artistic purposes and where we will be residing in October. The cozy theatre pub "Tante Manfred" (aunt Manfred, on the photo), the auditorium, a spacious party room in the basement and many other fascinating corners await us at "Neues Schauspiel Leipzig". We’ll have lots of space for getting to know each other, inspiration and relaxing. Have a look on the organisation’s website for further information and be amazed.


Förderverein Neues Schauspiel Leipzig e.V.
Lützner Str. 29
04177 Leipzig


The current programme you can find on our festival blog.