Grundtvig Learning Partnership "Contemporary Art for Everyone"

About the Grundtvig Learning Partnership

The Grundtvig learning partnership "Contemporary Art for Everyone" focuses on the exchange of experience of making contemporary art accessible to different audiences, and how to work with them, and to develop new ideas of Kulturvermittlung (art and cultural education). Additionally, the common goal is to get in contact with new organisations, build partnership and to network. Through the established links support will be given to the partners’ ongoing activities and ‘adult learners’ associated with the partner organisations will be mutually invited to take part in the ongoing activities and events.


The European Learning Partnership project "Contemporary art for everyone" is a common project for institutions and organisations dealing with fields of contemporary visual art and art in public spaces and forms of adult education in this sphere, popularising contemporary art and preparing its adult learners and audience for it reception and better understanding.
Project partners are aiming at different learners groups and work in diverse environmets (city, village, adults, seniors ect.) and using different methods. The aim of the project is to learn from each other exchange the best practises in Europe.
Partners discuss the forms of adult education in this subject in their countries, provided especially by smaller institutions, being close to artists and curators. Moreover they explore the theme of art in public space in their different environment and its impact on learners. Hence very important participation of adult learners in mobilities, aiming at visiting different venues of art and education.
The Project enables participating organisations exchange their preactices, learn from each other, network on international scale, motivate their staffers and learners to try new approches.

One of the results will be a few international educational events directed to adult learner groups.
In the process of the partnership there is a blog, run by all participants.

What do we want to achieve?

  • building partnership between different type of organisations dealing with adult education in field of contemporary visual arts,
  • exchange of art educators and artists
  • European discussion about different forms of activities in public space and their educational impact
  • discussion about role of non-formal education role in popularising visual arts
  • exploring discourse over public space in post-communist countries and in the Western Europe
  • rising quality of staff involved in the process of adult education
  • rising cultural awareness and artistic expression of adult learners
  • transfer of best practise and getting introduced to interesting guests in local communities

What is our subject?

Modern art and cultural awareness is not very popular among adult learners, it is believed to be only for specialist and only for young people. We want to work on strategies how to involve new groups of adult learners in the process and how to develop the most effective methods and ways to approach and motivate them. Special focus will be directed on disadvantged learners groups - migrants, socially disadvantaged and inhabitants of neglected regions
The partnership pursues three specific objectives. First of all the exchange of experiences.

What is our approach?

Each partner is given the opportunity to get to know each delivery method and try the other. The project will be process oriented and in the first phase dealing mainly with presenting own practises and exchanging ideas among art educators and other staffers working in the institutions. In the later phase ideas for common project will be introduced, that can be realised in frame of the partnership. Partner visits are planned during reviews and festival and artisitic events organised by partners to see their action in practise and combine it with theoretical discussion. Very important is also introducing learners to venue-bounded artisitic interventions, used very often in modern art.


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