Partner, Funders and Supporter of MitOst e.V.

MitOst is a network and community of activists, doers and thinkers, of members, alumni, partners and sponsors. The collaborations, partnerships and the exchange within the network are based on shared values and are charaterized by trust and the culture of a lively dialogue. 

Common values and the impact of joint actions are important for us rather than the size of the contribution of each and every individual associate. For this reason we cooperate with partners fom different sectors. We link ministries and regional or local administrations with NGOs and social entrepreneus, educational institutions with volunteer projects of non-formal education, and informal initiatives with foundations – and this throughout Europe.

The work of MitOst, especially the volunteer project work, would not be possible without support from friends, partners and funders. Several foundations, as well as instituitions promoting MitOst projects – we would like to thank you most sincerely for your support.

We also want to thank you for your moral support. Alot of people in our network support MitOst through very practical help by providing beds and seminar rooms, helping in terms of public raltions and much more. Thank you very much!

Partners and Supporter

The Federal Foreign Office supports the project "Dialogue for Change" to strengthen activists of civil society in Ukraine on a local level as well as nationwide and connects them with european partners. The Federal Foreign Office as well supports the project "Time for Development" to strengthen the civic engagment in Azerbaijan and the project "Trans History" about commemoratice culture in Ukraine. Over a period of three years (2011-2014) the Federal Foreign Office supported "Joint Civic Education" a programme which contributed to build up sturctures for civil society in the Caucasus Region, Turkey and Russia.



Die Robert Bosch Stiftung hat durch eine auf drei Jahre (2002–2005) begrenzte institutionelle Förderung die Einrichtung der Geschäftsstelle des Vereins in der Berliner Schillerstraße ermöglicht. Von 2003 bis 2013 führte MitOst als Partner der der Robert Bosch Stiftung das Stiftungsprogramm Kulturmanager aus Mittel- und Osteuropa durch. Die Robert Bosch Stiftung unterstützt die Aktivitäten der von MitOst betreuten Alumnigruppen sowie das jährliche Internationale MitOst-Festival. Heute führt MitOst als Partner der Robert Bosch Stiftung vier Stiftungsprogramme durch:

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) initiates and supports cultural exchange and creative expression across wider Europe. Since 2011 ECF and MitOst run in cooperation Tandem, an exchange programme for cultural manager from EU-countries, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey and the arab region within the following programmes: 

Stiftung Mercator supports since 2011 the exchange of cultural managers from Germany as well as other EU-countries and cultural managers from Turkey within the frame of Tandem - Cultural Managers Exchange Tukrey – EU. Since 2015 MitOst e.V. and Liquid Democracy realise the annual idea challenge "Advocate Europe" for innovative European initiatives, funded by Stiftung Mercator. 

MitOst participates in the BMW Foundation's "Give & Gain" programme in 2010/2011. As part of the programme, MitOst received a grant for organisational and staff development. From 2013 the focus of the partnership is on the field "Social Innovation". In cooperation we conducted a study about "Social Entrepreneuship in Russia". Since January 2014 Zoya Lukyanova, the MitOst representative for Russia and Eastern Europe, has also been the BMW Foundation's network partner in the region. Within the framwork of the Plattform for Social Innovation projects are implemented together and we build on cooperative partnership with NGOs and business from Moscow region and in the post-Soviet regions. The close collaboration Die enge Kooperation zeigt sich unter anderem bei der Unterstützung des Impact Hub Moskau und seiner Programme. 

In cooperation with the Ernst Schering Foundation MitOst supports annualy cultural projects of its members, wich are dealing with individual experiences and national transformation processes in Europe and its neighbouring regions. 2008 and 2009 the call "", in autumn 2009 the call "" and 2015 the call "" were tendered.

Since 2010 MitOst implements youth exchange, trainings and meetings for youth work professionals from Germany and Russia with the support of the Foundation for German-Russian Youth Exchange.

Die ehrenamtlich von MitOst-Mitgliedern durchgeführten Projekte werden besonders auf zwei Schienen gefördert:

Förderung von Vereinsmitgliedern

Darüber hinaus werden MitOst-Projekte auch aus Eigenmitteln des Vereins gefördert. Die Robert Bosch Stiftung hat bis 2006 ebenfalls Einzelprojekte gefördert.

MitOst bedankt sich besonders für diese Unterstützung der ehrenamtlichen Projektarbeit, die für MitOst nach wie vor ein zentrales Anliegen in der Vereinsarbeit ist.

Darüber hinaus sorgen die ehrenamtlichen Projektleiter durch ihre Kontakte für einen hohen Anteil an Drittmitteln in jedem einzelnen MitOst-Projekt.


In March 2012 MitOst became a member of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. The Forum is a permanent common platform for cooperation and coordination of civil society organisations from Russia and the European Union.

Die Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa ist ein Netzwerk von über 20 ehrenamtlichen, jungen  Vereinen aus Belarus, Polen, Tschechische Republik, Ukraine und Deutschland. Von 2003 bis 2008 setzte der Verein gemeinsam Projekte und Fortbildungen im Rahmen eines Förderprogramms der Robert Bosch Stiftung um.

DARE stands for Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe. The DARE Network currently consists of 48 member organisations from 26 countries in Europe. It is a Europe-wide network of NGOs and other organisations devoted to raise the profile of Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Human Rights Education (HRE), promote transcultural and transnational cooperation, and enhance the quality of education within these fields.

Cooperation Partner

Інша Освіта / Insha Osvita non-governmental organization which is working all over Ukraine on management of non-formal and adult education. In cooperation the project "Dialogue for Change" in Ukraine was developed and implemented. 

Krasnoyarsk Regional non-governmental Youth Organisation Interra promotes young people's active citizenship and encourages them to become an active part of civil society.

The Impact HUB Moscow provides room for committed people who are active in the fields of non-profit, administration and business. At the Hub collaborations and innovative ideas are born, solutions for societal challenges are identified, developed and supported.

Al Mawred Al Thaqafy, in Cairo, is a cooperation partner of MitOst. Together we run the programme Tandem / Shaml – Cultural Managers Exchange Europe – Arab Region.

The Academy Paretz of the Helga Breuninger Stiftung hosts seminar groups nearby the water. It is a place that invites people to meet informally and on equal footing, to learn from each other without fear.

Working Between Cultures provides training, coaching and consulting on communication, teamwork and conflict management for people working abroad or groups with diverse cultural backgrounds. WBC develops concepts for further education in Global Diversity. In cooperation we develop a collection of well-tried innovative approaches and methods by trainers for trainers, teachers and facilitators in the framework of an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Collaboration.

Südwind NÖ Süd is a non governmental and non profit Association working in the field of development education in Lower Austria. In cooperation we develop a collection of well-tried innovative approaches and methods by trainers for trainers, teachers and facilitators in the framework of an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Collaboration.

The Ideas Factory Association in a NGO whose focus is mainly the work with young adults who want to improve their environment. It actively uses non-formal education methods in building the capacity for social innovation and social entrepreneurship within young people as well as partner organizations and public institutions. In cooperation we develope a collection of well-tried innovative approaches and methods by trainers for trainers, teachers and facilitators in the framework of an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Collaboration.

Stowarzyszenie SKORO is a non-profit NGO funded by the group of local activists from the Warsaw district Ursus. SKORO enhances participation of different groups at the local level, encourages social engagement and stimulates initiatives in the region. In cooperation we develope a collection of well-tried innovative approaches and methods by trainers for trainers, teachers and facilitators in the framework of an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Collaboration.

Funding from the European Union

2015 to 2018 the project "Unleashing Youth Initiative and Involvement Through Empowerment with Key Competencies – Developing Tools and Disseminating Best Practice" will be supported by Erasmus+.

2016 to 2017 the project "Activate the European civic engagement!" is supported by Erasmus+.

2014 to 2016 the projects "Growing Professional" and "Strengthening the ties for democratic citizenship in Europe" are supported by Erasmus+.

2014 – 2015 the project "European Voluntary Service – Volunteers for Active Citizenships";
2013 the project "RAUMformation – Methods of intercultural youth work";
2013 the project "European Froum of young professionals – PiloramaLab";
2012 the project "PILORAMA" was supported by the Euroepean program "Youth in Action".

Die Lernpartnerschaften Contemporary Art for Everyone und Kaleidoskop wurden im Rahmen der Grundtvig Lernpartnerschaft gefördert.

2011/2012 fördert die Europäische Union das Programm Tandem - Kulturmanageraustauch Ukraine - Europäische Union - Moldau im Rahmen von "Kultur 2007-2013".

Von 2008 bis 2010 wurde MitOst durch die Europäische Union im Rahmen des Programms "Europa für Bürgerinnen und Bürger" 2007-2013 gefördert.