Vostok Dom - oral stories in fiction practice
Residents of the frontline zone often remain "invisible" representatives of Ukrainian society. The tendency to divide society into "patriots" and "separatists" does not leave space for other categories. Many people who live far from the zone of combat operations find it difficult to understand the motives by which residents of the frontline zone refuse to leave their homes. We would like to present stories and the drawings of home of the people who, during the current military conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine, remain living near the frontline. In these stories our participants tell about their home, why they stayed in the frontline region and how their lives are affected by it. We want to create a visual catalogue-magazine that presents their stories, motivations, problems and concerns. The core of the catalogue consists of drawings, those people made of their homes. Together with interview sequences and photos they will tell us why they did not leave their homes, and how living in the front-line area influenced their lives.



Project information

When: March - May 2018

Where: Luhansk und Kiev-region, Ukraine

Project Manager: Yuliia Kishenko

Project Team: Julia Filipieva, Victor Zasypkin, Darya Tsymbalyuk

Contact: chitriniuka(at)gmail.com