MitOst meets Loesje

In the spring 2018, activists from the international free speech organisation Loesje and MitOst language enthusiats will organise a creative writing workshop in Warsaw. Together with MitOst members and other interested participants, they will create the characteristically designed Loesje messages: small, creative interventions in public space that change or question the perception of our surroundings and disrupt everyday life in a gentle manner. The messages created in a collective creative writing process leave the passers-by astonished, contemplating or smiling.

The special feature of this seminar: Loesje beginners as well as people familiar with the approach will not only try out creative writing methods and learn how to teach them themselves, but can also actively participate in a reflection process on training methods and sustainable mentoring. The workshop is an experiment where beginners are also considered experts who will reflect on and develop the methods further.

Project information

When: April - June 2018

Where: Warsaw, Poland

Project Manager: Anna Juraschek

Team: Saskia Herklotz, Emilia Skiba, Wanda Grudzień

Contact: anna.juraschek(at)