Migrating Bord(h)ers

Migrating Bord(h)ers is a project about six women and their stories. They are all different, but all of them have something in common, something deeply hidden – borders, both physical and mental. They came from the same country, but live in 6 different countries. They are strangers here and there, they are always in between, but they are artists and activists who speak loudly about what it means to be Ukrainian woman abroad.

The women talk about how they experience physical and mental borders in their everyday lives. Sound installations based on the story of every woman will be accompanied by the women’s drawn representations of their borders  in an exhibition. The results of the project will also be collected in a book

Project infomation

When: February – September 2018

Where: Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal

Project Manager: Yulia Lashchuk

Team: Yevheniy Frankiv 

Contact: yulia.lashchuk(at)gmail.com