KlickOst 2016

KlickOst is a call that allows the MitOst members to choose by a mouse click which project should be supported.

Support your favorite project with your vote. One of the projects will be supported by a MitOst grant. Please vote until the 1st of March 2016 via this doodle-Link. Please enter your full namen and your date of birth. Only MitOst members can vote and each member has one vote.

All about this year's projects you will find below.

KlickOst Projects: Conceptions

5 Years of Struggle

When and where: 13 to 19 June 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania
Budget: 586 euro

The project, that takes place during the Baltic Pride in Vilnius 2016, deals with the LGBT community in post-soviet countries. The activist and artist Roman Melnik will be invited to Lithuania. As a fotografer he documents LGBT events in Moscow and St. Petersburg for many years. Together with Roman the project team will organise an exhibition in Vilnius about this topic, which will be open to a wide audience.

Anti Plastic

When and where: 1 July to 30 August 2016 in Vanadzor, Armenia
Budget: 583 euro

The project "Anti Plastic" will launch the spread of eco-bags in over 10 shops in Vanadzor. Each store will be provided with more than 100 free eco-bags which will be available for everybody. The project offers a huge support for all the members of MitOst who have the passion to spread the idea of sustainable development. We encourage all the citizens of Vanadzor to ask for eco-bags in the stores where the sign of "Anti Plastic" will be available. The project team is looking forward to seeing cooperation between our volunteeres and Vanadzorians.


When and where: 15 April to 30 July 2016 in Istanbul and Belgrade
Budget: 600 euro

The interview project "Home / Freedom" explores the idea of creating the common definition of those two categories by the contribution of the citizens of Turkey, Macedonia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Kosovo and Serbia. What do we understand as "home" and what does "freedom" mean? When are they fully represented? How important are they for us? When do we experience the lack of them? Answers to the questions will be the starting point for the possible future discussion about such (non-)changing meaning of these basic categories of our lives.

Children. Life. Animations

When and where: April to September 2016, Berlin and St. Petersburg
Budget: 160 euro

The project invites children, to tell their life stories via animation. School children from Russia and Germany — with a migration background or without — get the opportunity, to work together in an intercultural group and to try techniques of animation. Together they will draw, replay and redraw conflicts and create a film, that will invite the spectators to think and discuss about it.

Languages, that we See

When and where: March to October 2016 in Tashkent and other regions of Uzbekistan
Budget: 600 euro

Which language(s) do I see, when I walk around my city and why? "Linguistic landscapes" is a new discipline, that deals with visually created language (signs) in the public space. 20 students from Usbekistan will research this topic in the next couple of months. They will travel to unknown cities in their home country and take pictures of signs, that they encounter. What is obvious? Which typical combinations of languages can we see? Are there geographical differences in a huge country like Uzbekistan?

Time to Wake up!

When and where: 8 March to 19 May 2016 in Brest (Belarus)
Budget: 600 euro

Hej! It's Time To Wake Up! The project "Time To Wake Up" is a series of events, that should activate, restart and awake local community activities. Have you ever tried to be active when the rest is sleeping? What happens when you move in the room where people sleep? Yes! You make noice and everyone gets up! Help me to wake up my city! I want to do it with the help of an photo-exhibition of Theatre Kryly Khalopa history, an open meeting with this group, two theatre workshops (performance art and biomechanics) and an online hashtag action. Let's do it!

Living Together. A Film Project

When and where: March to April 2016, Berlin
Budget: 600 euro

The current movements of migrants and the politics dealing with the refugees highly changed the life of many people in Europe. In this documentary film project a team will visit and interview people and platforms in Germany, that are voluntary working for better social cooperations with refugees and asylum seekers. Additionally, there will be portraits of refugees that came to Berlin with a painful past, but also with hopes, wishes and visions for the future.


The voting is open until 1st of March 2016. You are invited to vote for one of the projects. Please enter your full name and your date of birth. With on KLICK you can support your favorite project to get a MitOst grant. .

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