What is KlickOst?

KlickOst is a call, which allows all MitOst members to choose by a mouse click which project should be supported.

Which projects are supported?

MitOst supports any project that promotes language and cultural exchange, active citizenship or civic education in the sense of the association's goals. MitOst does not see itself as a donor for projects that do not pursue this goals. We want to support the commitment, the ideas and projects of our members who are inspired by and inspire the association. Applications are possible in all areas in which MitOst is active, such as active society, education, environment, politics or art. All kinds of implementation forms – dance, street action, etc. – and all target groups (children, adolescents or adults) are eligible.

How and when KlickOst projects are applied for?

Once or twice a year you have the chance to participate with your ideas in the KlickOst contest. Submit your application forms and a significant picture that stands for the project to the project advisory board, projektbeirat(at)mitost.org. Shortly thereafter, all project proposals are uploaded to our website to be voted on.

What amount will be funded?

KlickOst supports projects with a sum up to 600 euro. The overall costs of the project must not be higher than 1,000 euro. Funds from a third party are not necessary.


Application Form

Budget Plan


For questions please contact the Project Advisory Board: projektbeirat(at)mitost.org