Funding Possibilities at MitOst

MitOst supports its members' project ideas. These projects are mainly financed by our membership fees, however MitOst also cooperates with Foundations and other partners. If you have an interesting idea, we would be happy to support you. The following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • Only MitOst members can apply for project funding.
  • The project team may include non-members, but at least half of the team should be MitOst members.
  • The project manager and the whole team must work on a voluntary basis.
  • The project should be open for other MitOst members.
  • The project must not produce a financial profit.
  • Usually, the acquisition of external funding is necessary.

Please send your project application to projektbeirat(at)

Types of Projects

Join-in Projects

MitOst funds Join-in projects that aim to improve international understanding and active citizenship in Europe and its neighbouring regions. Funding conditions and application forms Please not the new deadlines for proposals: 28th of February and 30th of September.

Alumni Projects

Alumni Projects are funded by MitOst and the Foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung. Alumni projects serve to improve networking and knowledge transfer between alumni. The acquisition of external funding is not a requirement, but possible. Funding conditions and application forms


For questions please contact the Project Advisory Board: projektbeirat(at)