Teaching Repression a Lesson: Support Belarusian Students to Get Back to University

Since the beginning of March 2017 more than 1,100 people were arrested during peaceful protests in Belarus, more than 220 of them were sentenced to imprisonment. Among the convicts were dozens of students. Some of them were expelled afterwards from university as a result of their “absent days” in prison. Together with Belarusian partners Libereco will launch a campaign against this double violation of human rights in terms of imprisonment and expulsion from university, in order to demand the revocation of the expulsion of the students from Belarusian universities. Furthermore the provision of places and scholarships for studying abroad will be demanded. 

Project information

When: April - June 2017
Where: Belarus, Germany, Switzerland
Project management: Lars Bünger (Liberico - Partnership for Human Rights)
Team: Jan Henrik Wiebe