Rolling Dice for Empowerment

„Rolling Dice for Empowerment“ is following the logic of an oversized board game staged at various places in Chișniău where the participants are rolling the dice and perform. The project addresses challenges of young women especially in Moldova, and options how to overcome the common role models. The performance will be developed by the participants and their personal stories and experiences.

One participant of "Rolling Dice for Empowerment", which was staged on 20 May 2017 on a central place in Chișniău after a week-long workshop, summed up her experience as follows: "Female empowerment goes beyond race, religion and nationality. Yesterday was such a fun experience playing a Monopoly-esque game, with oversized dices and real life players moving around the board. As a player you got to embark the life of a woman and problems she might come across. Everything from domestic violence, pay equity, body-image and discrimination to mastering the recipe of a traditional Moldovan Borscht soup. I will in all certainty not forget my encounter with one of the players, who despite a previous accident that injured her leg, went out of her way to dance and sing for me."

Project information

When: May 2017
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
Project management: Pia Lanzinger
Project team: Christine Brandauer, Cristina Vîrlan