Paradzhanow Festival in Lewandiwka

In a post-industrial,multi-ethnic district at the marge of Lviv, the project team will organise a festival in hommage to the work and thinking of Serhij Paradzhanows (1924-1990) aufleben lassen - a film rebel and artist who was equally at home in Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine. In a mix of art event and educational platform, inhabitants (especially young people) are invited to meet contemporanean's of Paradzhanow as well as artists from Ukraine and abroad. On the agenda are film screanings, readings, workshops and interventions in public space. 

The festival is one of two winner projects of the competition which MitOst organises once a year in cooperation with Schering Stiftung. Statement of the jury: 
"The programme connects the different ethnic groups of inhabitants in the Lewandiwka neighbourhood with culture and artistic means. The topic of the festival links the common history of the different groups and provides positive reference points At the same time, the project is open towards international guests."

Project information

When: 24-27 August 2017
Where: Lviv, Ukraine

Project coordination: Iryna Rybko (Schymon)
Project team: Viktoriya Danelyan, Oksana Kulyk, Olha Zarko

Funding: 4,500 EUR