Little Artists - Building Bridges

Just as Bertold Brecht has questioned the notion "Men make history" the idea that German-Polish reconciliation is the work of “high politics” should be doubted. Above all, reconciliation is carried forward by grass-root initiatives. In this member project, this old “MitOst idea” is being rejuvenated: “Little artists – building bridges” is a children’s project which invites German kids with a Polish background to travel to Poland and shape, together with Polish children, a German-Polish cultural event at an old people’s home in Kraków where they will also listen to the moving live stories of the residents.

Project information

When: September -November 2017

Where: Krakow, Poland

Project management: Christoph Marx

Project team: Jozef Gubala, Kacper, Ratajczak

Contact: christophmarx(at)