Languages of the Caucasus

The Caucasus is a multi-ethnic region. Linguists officially recognise 60 spoken languages in the region. Since many decades, Russian serves as a “lingua franca”, but due to the fact the region is very traditional local languages are being kept alive until today and play an important role in the lives of inhabitants. This project is aimed to support this diversity of languages and young authors who write in any authentic North and South Caucasus language. A Festival in Stavropol will be organised. As a result an e-book - collection of texts written in local languages will be puplished.

Project information

When: April - September 2017

Where: North-Caucasus (Stavropol krai, North Ossetia, Karachay Cherkessia, Degestan Republic, Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Republic of Ingushetia, Chechen Republic)

Project management: Anastasia Pobednoa 

Project team: Rasmia Dzhamaldaeva, Amina Tekeeva Zuchra Kappusheva, Republic of Dagestan, Saigid Dzhamaludinov, Suzanna Avanesyan