Büro Mobil (Mobile Office)

The German-Serbian project team brings experiences and stories of refugees from Kassel to Belgrade - and back again. Together with refugees kept in the Serbian transit, artists and local people, they will build a mobile office in the district of Savamala which includes a street kitchen, a printer, a scanner and solar-driven charging station for mobile phones. Most importantly, it will serve as an instrument to get in touch with the refugees, connect them to local organisations and exchange stories about their flight and about the experiences of refugees in Germany. At the end of the project, an exhibition will be staged.

"Büro Mobil" is one out of two winner projects of the kultur-im-dialog.eu+ competition which MitOst stages in cooperation with Schering Stiftung once a year. This year, the jury had to choose from 50 project proposals. From the jury statement: "The project helps experiences and dreams of people cross borders who, for the moment, can not pass themselves. It is also important because it can emphasise the tense situation of refugees in Serbia."

Project information

Where: Kassel, Deutschland and Belgrad, Serbia
When: June-October 2017

Project coordination: Nikola Markovic
Project team: Tanja Simonovic


Funding: 7,500 EUR