Adjara: Multicultural History - One Story

The project is initiated by Liubov Kuznetsova of Social Impact Hub Effendi Villa and aims at conserving the local cultural heritage in faraway settlements in the Georgian mountains. Together with youth from the Adjara region the project team elaborates family trees and explores long-forgotten traditions in the region. Adjara used to attract settlers from Turkey, Russia, England, Germany, Sweden, France and thus was a junction for a variety of religions and cultures. In the light of globalisation, rituals, performing arts, craftsmenship, celebrations and knowledge have become important means to preserve cultural diversity.

The project got great support from the local community: the workshops on cultural heritage arranged at local schools revitalised young people and their parents, teachers and cultural activists who made their contribution to the local cultural heritage preservation and promotion. The project team believes that the collection, preservation and dissemination of personal stories can create new ties between people in the region - which might contribute to fairer, compassionate society. "Adjara: Multicultural History - One Story" is funded and implemented within the framework of MitOst and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Adjara, the Education Resource Centre of Kobuleti, and the Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Adjara.

Project information

When: January - April 2017

Where: Kobuleti, Adjara, Georgia

Project manager: Liubov Kuznetsova

Project team: Karsten Michael Drohsel, Sulhan Nidzaradze, Timur Ivanov, Mariam Okroporidze, Vazha Verulidze

Contact: effendivilla(at)