Active YOUkraine

Active YOUkraine organises workshops on Digital Storytelling for and with Ukrainian civil society activists. Digital Storytelling is a simple and innovative method which allows the activists to illustrate their personal story and inform about Ukrainian civil society from a grass-root perspective. The participants will learn and deepen their knowledge of creative writing, photo and video editing techniques. The stories will be published on the blog which, by and by, shall serve as a “map of activism” in Ukraine. Active YOUkraine aims at drawing attention to Ukrainian civil society organisations, independent activists and their work,  and wants to connect them with other activists and organisations on an international level in order to inspire new projects and create new partnerships. The long-term objective of Active YOUkraine is to strengthen civil societies not only in Ukraine but also in other European countries. The projects means to reflect on different living environments, raise awareness of marginalised civil actors and the political and social challenges they are facing. The blog is a contribution to pluralism and diversity, freedom of speech and tolerance in Europe.

Project information

When: May 2017

Where: Kyiv und Lviv, Ukraine

Project management: Julia Portnowa

Project team: Eva Famulla, Halyna Osadcha, Kateryna Vodopianova

Contact: j.portnowa(at)activeyoukraine.orgj.portnowa(at)