Write the City

Warsaw, the capital and most populated city of Poland, counts more than 50 % of all migrants living in the country. A city of quick development and buoyant economical life, which attracts foreigners who move to Poland looking for a better life.

How to find your own voice or make it heard when they speak a completely different language? A foreigner in a foreign city finds it hard to integrate especially when his or her voice is not heard. This project aims to give foreigners the right tools to print their voices on paper. It supports them getting to know the city from the inside and to help them to become a part of their own. Here it is up to them to "write the city".

At the International MitOst-Festival in 2016, there will be a presentation of the project and the book including a reading.

Project Information

Where: Januar–April 2016

When: Warsaw, Poland

Project manager: Vladimir Guzman Contreras

Team: Yulia Lashchuk

Contact: avanaldesire(at)gmail.com