Titbit/Leckerbissen/Ласий шматок

The walls of the exhibition space "Closer" in Kyiv will schedule the various schemes of butchering animals, both real and mythical. The internal parts of the carcasses are filled with texts. The texts will be written by invited authors. Thus a graphical installation or mural is a collective creative work. The basic idea at the visual level, straight metaphor for the events taking place in the geopolitical space of Ukraine and as a result in their personal mental space of the project participants and spectators.

Everyone is hungry to get their piece of cake-tidbit.

The exhibition is open until 12th of March, "OK-Project" in "Closer, Nyzhneyurkovskaya Str. 31, Kyiv.

Project Information

When: February–March 2016

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine

Project manager: Igor Zaidel

Team: Ksenia Malykh

Contact: webmaster(at)zaidesign.org