School of Traditional Music and Singing

Can music be an instrument of changing the urban space and society? How to sing a song from Poltava region in four voices? What are the common issues of traditional music and jazz? How to organise your own music project – a workshop, festival, concert?

30 young musicians and multipliers of culture from Poland and Ukraine will learn this and much more during the 5-day school of traditional music and singing, which is the first event of its kind in Ukraine.

During the International MitOst-Festival 2016 the team plans an eco-music workshop, where everyone interested will be able to create instruments from vegetables and fruits and to play in the veggi orchestra.

Project Information

When: April 2016

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine

Project manager: Kateryna Yefremova

Team: Andrii Levchenko & Agata Maziarz

Contact: katerynakapra(at)