Networks and Presents

Did you ever receive an unforgettable present? Did you ever give something as a present, that you wanted to keep yourself? Why did you give it away anyways? By means of presents we tie networks. Our space in the network is part of our identity.

Which role do private experiences play in the chronicles of our lives? We will tell each other the stories of the presents in our lives. We work with improvisations. We conduct interviews, with friends and with strangers. We are interested in similarities and differences. What is stronger? The experience of our generation or the influence of our cultural background?

The results of our intercultural research will be displayed in a very personal exhibition. We will show it together with a small performance at the MitOst festival in Tbilisi in October.

Project Information

When: 6.−8. October 2016

Where: Tbilisi, Georgia

Project manager: Claudia Müller

Team: Gabriel Wolkenfeld, Giorgi Tadumadze, Christian Richter

Contact: clagnesmueller(at)